The Board of Education and CHEA have received the Fact Finder's report with recommendations for settlement of the negotiations between the Board and CHEA. As provided by law, the report is now a public document and we have posted it on our website for the public's information.

As CHEA has done, the Board accepts the Fact Finding recommendations, in principle. The board is awaiting a response from CHEA, on a procedural issue, to finalize the negotiations process.

The Board eagerly anticipates bringing this process to a close.

Please click here for an explanation of the Fact Finder's report and the procedural issue associated with it.

Please click here for the Fact Finder's report itself.

With the continuing news coverage and public discussion regarding recent violent events in Paris and elsewhere in the world, children's sense of safety and security may be shaken. Click here for information from the Department of Veteran Affairs on how children may respond to terrorism. Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care offers strategies for helping support children in the wake of tragic events. Their recommendations may be found by clicking here.

School Highlights

Congratulations Eastside, Cherry Hill East's student newspaper, for winning the New Jersey Distinguished Journalism Award for the seventh year in a row, ranking again as the #1 school newspaper in the state! Eastside student staffers, under the direction of adviser Greg Gagliardi, won nine of the 12 individual categories based on material published in print or online in the 2014-2015 school year. For a list of winners and the categories in which they were awarded, click here.

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