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The focus of the Before and After school program is the education of social skills. SACC operates before school from 7:00AM to 8:45AM and after school from 3:30PM to 6:00PM in each Cherry Hill elementary school. The SACC program is a tuition-based program that offers flexible scheduling opportunities to meet your individual needs. The before-school and after-school program provides a daily schedule which provides a balance of active and quiet activities in individual, small group and large group settings. Caring supervision and materials are provided so the child can play quiet games, do homework or read, use art supplies and talk with friends. Time for outdoor play or games indoors is allotted each day.


Click on an item in the list below to view a photo or download a document. Please only use the 2017-2018 registration form.

2017-2018 SACC Information and Fee Schedule

2017 -2018 SACC Registration Form

2017-2018 Re-Registration FAQ's

Emergency Adminstration of Epinephrine


Half Day Information

Cherry Hill School-Age Child Care and STEP
Cooper School
1960 Greentree Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
Phone: (856) 429-6564
Fax: (856) 429-8246

EDCC & SACC Programs
Melissa Conklin
SACC Coordinator
Phone: (856) 429-6564 x4

Chanette Orange
Assistant SACC Coordinator
Phone: (856) 429-6564 x 5

Joanne Cohen
SACC Secretary
Phone: (856) 429-6564 x4

Lin Czerwinski
Student Accounts (billing or tuition account concerns)
Phone: (856) 429-5600X4349

SACC Hotline (856) 429-6564 x1

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