Speech & Language Services

What are Speech and Language Services?

The development of age-appropriate speech and language skills is essential to the learning process and to a student's social, emotional, and academic growth. Students must be able to comprehend language, express their thoughts and opinions, interact effectively and efficiently with peers and adults, and produce speech which others can easily understand.

The Cherry Hill School District provides speech and language services to students ages 3-21 who demonstrate a need to improve their speech and language skills in articulation, language, fluency, or voice in order to achieve academic success.

How are students referred for speech and language services?
Students can be referred for speech and language services by their parents or their classroom teachers if they are concerned about a student's speech and language proficiency. The goal of these services is to help students develop the speech and language skills necessary for positive interpersonal relationships and academic success.

Special Education/
Student Services

Malberg Administration Building
45 Ranoldo Terrace
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0391
Phone: (856) 429-5600

Special Education Team

LaCoyya Weathington
Director of Pupil Services
(856) 429-5600, x4431

Rebecca Metzger
Supervisor of Special Education
(856) 429-5600, x4417

Trina Scott
Supervisor of Special Education
(856) 429-5600, x4320

Joann DiGiacomo
Supervisor of Special Education
(856) 429-5600, x4424

Amy Edinger
Special Education Colleague Teacher
(856) 429-5600 x4365


Joanna Johnson
(856) 429-5600 x4417

Fran Robey
(856) 429-5600 x4320

Terry Sherlock
(856) 429-5600 x4416

Marge Walter
(856) 429-5600 x4431

Arden Wise
(856) 429-5600 x4424

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