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The Board of Education and CHEA have received the Fact Finder's report with recommendations for settlement of the negotiations between the Board and CHEA. As provided by law, the report is now a public document and we have posted it on our website for the public's information.

As CHEA has done, the Board accepts the Fact Finding recommendations, in principle. The board is awaiting a response from CHEA, on a procedural issue, to finalize the negotiations process.

The Board eagerly anticipates bringing this process to a close.

Please click here for an explanation of the Fact Finder's report and the procedural issue associated with it.

Please click here for the Fact Finder's report itself.

With the continuing news coverage and public discussion regarding recent violent events in Paris and elsewhere in the world, children's sense of safety and security may be shaken. Click here for information from the Department of Veteran Affairs on how children may respond to terrorism. Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care offers strategies for helping support children in the wake of tragic events. Their recommendations may be found by clicking here.

Several locations for the latest projects involve around-the-clock work. Please plan accordingly for delays.

Haddonfield Road, southbound lanes:

Several locations along the north end of Haddonfield Road will be undergoing emergency gas line repairs which will result in multiple lane closures, many around the clock for several days. The work will not extend into weekends, and any road openings will be closed up by work crews prior to temporarily re-opening the road for weekend travel. The following is tentatively scheduled by PSE&G:

  • Thursday 11/12/2015, between Dudley Ave & Church Road down to one lane; 7 am start, expected duration is 3 days of 24/7 work rotation;
  • Tuesday 11/17/2015, between Dudley Ave & Princeton Ave down to one lane; 7 am start, expected duration is one 24-hour shift;
  • Wednesday 11/18/2015, between Yale Ave (new WaWa) and Church Rd down to one lane in each direction, the entire southbound half of the road will be closed and both directions will be flowing one lane in each direction on the northbound side; 8am start, expected duration is 3 days of 24/7 work rotation.

  • Cropwell Road, various portions atop and along the County bridge near North Branch Ave:

    Beginning Monday 11/16/2015 and lasting approximately three weeks, work hours 7 am to 3:30 pm; Camden County Highway Improvement project making repairs to the County bridge in the area of the Little Servant Sisters driveway. The road will be open during this entire project, but there will be some isolated times when traffic may be one-lane alternating-directions with police on location. Asphalt Paving Systems will notify the Beck School when the project approaches various phases affecting school and bus traffic.

    South Coles Avenue north of the Church Road Circle will be closed headed to and from Maple Shade, now through early January for complete rehabilitation. The closures will mostly be daytime 7 am through 5 pm, with intermittent overnight closures as well. Detours to go between Cherry Hill and Maple Shade will be:

    Route 38 east to Mill Road to Forked Landing Road to Main St (Route 537);

    Route 38 east to Kings Highway (Rt 41) to Rt 73 to Main St (Route 537);

    Route 38 west to Haddonfield Road north to Maple Avenue (Route 537).

    Attention all high school seniors! 12 colleges are scheduled to visit both East and West for "Instant Decision Days." During an "Instant Decision Day," seniors will have the unique opportunity to meet with and potentially receive an admissions decision from a college representative on-the-spot!

    If you are interested in participating in an "Instant Decision Day" with any of the participating colleges, linked here, send your application, along with all additional application materials (i.e. application fee, essay and letters of recommendation, if required) to the college prior to the scheduled "Instant Decision Day." Students will be scheduled to meet with the admissions representatives in 15 minute time intervals. Some of the admissions representatives will be prepared to make admissions decisions that day, while others may need to consult with their admissions committees. This is a great chance for students to showcase their strengths and highlight how they can be an asset to the college!

    Each college has specific criteria for participation in its Instant Decision Day. If you are interested, please see your counselor for more details about requirements and to sign up.

    The following is a statement regarding negotiations with the Cherry Hill Education Association (CHEA) read by Cherry Hill Board of Education President Carol Matlack at the Board of Education Action Meeting on October 20, 2015:

    Board leadership and CHEA leadership met on October 6 to continue the negotiation discussion. At the conclusion of that meeting I requested we set a date for another meeting. Mr. Sharofsky requested we wait until after October 15 to schedule the next meeting. While the Board waited to hear from CHEA, we provided dates to Dr. Meloche to schedule a meeting for the week of October 19.

    Mr. Sharofsky got in touch with me yesterday, October 19 and proposed several meeting dates, the earliest of which was October 31.

    The Board would prefer to meet sooner rather than later. Mr. Sharofsky and I have been corresponding during the past 24 hours in an attempt to establish a mutually agreed upon meeting time. We have agreed to meet on Thursday, October 29.

    The Board's top priority is, and will continue to be, the education of the students of Cherry Hill. As always, we remain willing to negotiate with CHEA to come to a fair and reasonable settlement.

    To view a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document regarding negotiations, please click here.

    Cherry Hill Public Schools elementary students will find new books about science in their school libraries, thanks to a donation from Subaru of Cherry Hill as part of their "Subaru Loves Learning" effort. Students at Kingston Elementary School, along with Kingston Principal Bill Marble, Board of Education President Carol Matlack, CHPS Superintendent Dr. Joseph Meloche, CHPS Director of Curriculum Farrah Mahan and CHPS Supervisor of Curriculum - Science Erica Price were on hand in the school library on September 29 as Subaru delivered the books. The 200 books are the result of team members from Subaru of Cherry Hill donating one new science book for each new Subaru that was bought or leased. The books will be distributed among our 12 elementary schools.

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