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  • Creating a learning environment to foster the ideals of Respect, Responsibility, and Citizenship.

    State School of Character SSOC CEP

    State School of Character 

    No Place for Hate Anti-Defamation League

    No Place for Hate 

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AHS Monthly Awards

  • Student of the Month 

    February 2022

    Monica Blonski

    Monica is a valued member of the Alternative High School Community. She has excellent instincts, and can deal with matters independently and in a positive way.  Monica is a great contributor to any class discussion, sharing her  personal experiences and opinions with peers.  She is well-liked by classmates and faculty.  Monica shows our core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship by treating other students with fairness and  understanding.

    Most Improved Student

    February 2022

    Bobby Neff

    Bobby has been working diligently to complete make-up work in a timely fashion and his overall attendance has improved. He is kind and helpful to everyone and displays good citizenship by assisting others in our school community.  We are very proud of his positive change in his outlook and attitude.

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  • Student Of The Month

    January 2022

    Keron Archie

    Student with certificate

    Keron displays our core values of respect, responsibility, citizenship, and service to others in and out of the classroom.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand to his teachers and friends. His easy-going personality and kind smile are a pleasure to have in class. 

    Keron is very determined to achieve the goals he has set for himself this year. He  has been making positive choices and is a role model for other students.

    Most Improved Student

    January 2022

    Jaiden Moran-Capprotti

    Student with certificateJaiden has made tremendous growth in many academic areas.  He has excelled in work completion, school and class attendance, and his overall attitude towards school.  His polite manner and kind words make him an asset to our school community. 

    Believing in himself and persevering through hard times, has enabled him to achieve his goals.  We are very proud of the personal growth he has made!

    Most Improved School Participation

    January 2022

    Brandon Smith 

    Brandon has made remarkable improvements in his overall attendance to school and class. Brandon works hard and is determined.  He has successfully used his targeted coping skills and has improved his work completion and participation in class. 


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    Echo Weeks

    DECEMBER 2021

    student picture

    Echo's natural leadership shines inside and outside of the classroom.  They personify our core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship in every way.

    Echo is concerned about their fellow students.  They think about other students' feelings , not just their own. They are always willing to help someone who is in need, and they are kind even when others are not.

    Echo CONSISTENTLY works to improve themselves, as well as, the Alternative High School Program. They work to their highest potential.

    Echo is attentive, friendly, and well liked by peers and staff. They are a true role model for present and future students.


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    Vincent Pham

    November 2021

    Vincent is  a diligent student,who is committed to attaining the best grades possible. He is committed to completing every assignment as thoroughly and on time.  He is  an active participant in class discussions and demonstrates  perseverance to excel in his final year of High School.

    Vincent is well respectd by staff and a model student for his peers.  His attitude and behavior reflect our core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship daily. 

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    Michayelah Parsons

    October 2021

    picture of Michayelah

    Michayelah, in her short tenure with the Alternative High School, has SHINED ACADEMICALLY, AS WELL AS BEHAVIORALLY, PERSONIFYING OUR CORE VALUES, of respect, responsibility, and citizenship in every way. 

    Michayelah is focused on her school work and assisting other students. She has excellent attendance and is prepared and on time for all of her classes.

    Even though Michayelah is quiet, she is very kind and says a lot with her actions. She is a true role model for present and future students.

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    Anthony Cain

    September 2021

    Picture of Student

    Anthony consistently works to his highest potential in and out of the classroom.  He has been an integral part of the opening of the "Wake Up Cafe," the Alternative High School's Morning coffee and snack bar. Anthony's excellent leadership skills make him a valuable asset to our school community.

    He is constantly found assisting staff and his peers; always ensuring everyone has a helping hand.  Anthony is a true role model, who embodies our core values of respect, responsibility, citizenship, kindness, and service to others.

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  • MAY 2021


    Picture of Student

    Betty has SHINED ACADEMICALLY, AS WELL AS BEHAVIORALLY, PERSONIFYING OUR CORE VALUES, of respect, responsibility, and citizenship in every way. She attends school daily and consistenly works to her highest potential. She has an infectious smile and will always pleasantly greet the students and staff. She has become an essential member of our community.  Betty is a true role model for present and future students.


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  • April 2021:

    Lyle Sandhu

    Picture of student

    Lyle attends school daily, live and online. He has consistenly worked to his highest potential, particularly during this difficult time in his education. 

    Lyle is a true role model for present and future students.  He is kind and empathic.  He is always willing to lend a helping hand, and routinely contributes to school community.

    Our core vales of respect, responsibility, and citizenship are seen is all that he does.


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  •       March 2021:                       Blair LaRosa                                                                  Picture  of  Student


    Blair has excelled ACADEMICALLY, as well as, BEHAVIORALLY, personifying our core values, of respect, responsibilty, and citzenship, in every way. 

    Blair attends school daily, and she consistenly works to her highest potential.  She is polite and kind.  She has shown a great deal of maturity and accountability in her school work which has imporved her grades.  Blair is a pleasure to have in class.



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  •    February 2021:    Kyaire Wakefield  

                                                                                  picture of student

    Upon Kyaire’s recent arrival this school year, he has quickly personified all of our core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship.

    Kyaire is a diligent student, who is committed to attaining good grades and engaging in class discussions. Kyaire is kind, polite, respectful, and a true role model for his peers.  He has been  a wonderful addition to the Alterntive High School.


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  • January 2021:

    Daniel Jacobs

                  Picture of Student  

    Daniel has emerged this school year as an extremely diligent worker.  He is committed to obtaining good grades, and his excellent attendance during the full remote and the hybrid transition has been consistent and constant.  Daniel works hard to complete every assignment as thoroughly as possible.  He has embraced our core values of respect, responsibility, and citizenship. Daniel's behavior and work habits serve as good examples to his peers.

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  • NOVEMEBER 2020:

    Cameron Brown

                   Picture of Student

    Cameron is an extremely hard working student, who is committed to our core values of resepct, responsibility. citizenship.  He is devoted to attaining the best grades he can during this unque time in his education.  Cameron has thoroughly, completed every assignment online and participates in all clssroom discussions. His witty sense of humor and kind smile are a pleaseure to have in class. He has demonstarted persevernace to graduate under these extenuating circumstances.

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  • OCTOBER 2020:

    Joe Passio
      picture of student

    Joe is a member of  our Student Council, townhall meetings with administrators, and an active member of our school's pandemic committe.  He shines academically, as well as, behaviorally, personifying our core values, of respect, responsibility, and citizenship in every way. He strives to reach his highest potential in and out of the classroom, particualrly during this difficult time. He is a true role model for present and future students of AHS.

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  • SEPTEMBER 2020:

    Alexis Cuellar

      Picture of student             

    Alexis has SHINED academically, as well as behaviorally, PERSONIFYING OUR CORE VALUES of respect, responsibility, and citizenship in every way.  Alexis attends school daily and consistently works to her highest potential. She has particularly shown a great deal of maturity and accountability during this difficult time in her education.  Alexis is a true role model for present and future students.


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AHS News

  • WE ARE EXCITED TO WELCOME...Picture of Miss Hudec

    Miss Jessica Hudec

    Long Term Substitute

    I am a 2020 graduate of Rowan University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and English. I am also a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority! I am from Pennsauken, New Jersey, and  I went to Camden Catholic High School where I played varsity softball. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my three dogs, my friends, and my family! I grew up with two siblings: my little sister, and my little brother who is nonverbal autistic, so I am a huge advocate of autism awareness! I also enjoy watching all Philly sports teams!! I have worked with students ranging from kindergarten to high school, and I am so excited to join the Cherry Hill Alternative High School community!

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  • Winter Newsletter - BeConnected Support Services

    The Winter edition of The Malberg Monthly is now available.

    Thank you to Mrs. Foley,  Mr. Crawford and all of the students who worked so hard!

    Winter Issue of the Malberg Monthly

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    Durable handsewn dog and cat toys that nurture animals in need.

    GLAD DOGS NATION turns stuffed toys you no longer want into safe and fun dog toys, sells them, and donates 100% of the profits to a wide variety of programs to stem pet overpopulation.  
    Glad Dogs Nation takes ALL SIZES of stuffed toys.  Beanie Babies are OK to donate because volunteers will remove the beads.  Stuffed toys with mechanical insides should not be donated.

    Last year, the Alternative High School Community Service Class collected over 500 stuffed toys to donate!

    DROP OFF LOCATION: Malberg Administration building (front entrance drop box)  
    Collection will continue until March 31, 2022.                   



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  • Dear Parents of 11th Grade Students,

    An important form regarding graduation assessment requirements has been published to your Genesis Parent Access portal in your "Forms" tab. The form is named "NJGPA Acknowledgement". A parent/guardian is required to log into their Genesis account, type their name at the bottom of the form, and submit it to acknowledge that they have read the form. The form is being published to student accounts as well for informational purposes. A copy of the letter contained in the form has been attached to this email. Parents will be unable to access any other area of their Parent Access account until the form has been submitted.

    Click the link below for more information

    NJGPA Acknowledgement Letter

    Thank you!

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  • School Newsletters - ILM Academy


    Check out the November/December 2021 issue of The Alternative High School's newsletter The Malberg Monthly 

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  • Donations Stock Illustrations. 66,301 Donations clip art images and royalty  free illustrations available to search from thousands of EPS vector clipart  and stock art producers.

    The Cherry Hill Alternative High School is partnering with Cherry Hill High School West in a project involving donating items and/or money to an organization called For The Love of Pete's Pantry located in West Berlin, New Jersey. They collect donations for a domestic violence safe house, homeless outreach organizations, hospitals, house fire survivors, family financial hardships, food distribution and many other organizations in our area.

    For more history and background information please check out their Facebook group- For the Love of Pete's Pantry.

    Presently, they need donations for age 12+. Any new items would be accepted and appreciated. The following are some ideas: Adult coloring books, colored pencils, comfy blankets, PJ pants (teen sizes), Stainless steel water bottles, nail polish, wireless headphones (5 below), puzzles, handheld games(bop it, etc.), bracelet making kits, WWE items, moon sand, Play-doh, Star Wars items, Slime, Pop-Its, colored pencils, card games, rubix cube, soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, any items for a teenager you can think of!

     If you want to make a monetary donation please reach out to Lauren Giordano, Cherry Hill AHS principal.

    Please drop off any items in the drop box at the front reception area in the Malberg Administration building or the teachers lounge at the Alternative High School. Donations can be made between Friday, 11/29/21 and Friday, 12/17/21.

    Thank you so much for your support!

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  • See the source image

    The 2021-2022 first edition of The Malberg Monthly is now available.

    Thank you to Mrs. Foley,  Mr. Crawford and all of the students who worked so hard!

    Check it out HERE.

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  • Welcome Back to School!!

    Cropped Back To School Pencil Header - Powerpoint Background Back To School  - 1000x217 PNG Download - PNGkit

    We are very excited for the start of the 2021-2020 school year to begin.  Click here for a letter from Mrs. Giordano.

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  •   New Art Teacher          Spotlight


    We are so excited for Mrs. Sarah Foley to join the AHS staff.  

                      Picture of Mrs. Foley

    I grew up in South Jersey, lived in The Hudson Valley, NY for 9 years, then moved back to South Jersey recently to be closer to my family. I have worked with K-12, higher education, and special education students teaching general arts, drawing, painting, photography, sewing, ceramics, cultural competency, and sustainability. I also do freelance photography and my favorite type of work is branding/headshots to help others grow their small businesses. In my free time, I like to garden, travel, spend time outside, and with my family. I worked at the Alternative High School for two months in fall 2020, and I am excited to return to this incredible community!
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  • Malberg Monthly:

    May Edition

    School Newsletter | San Miguel Catholic School

    The Malberg Monthly, AHS's school newsletter, for the month of May, is now live. It is a publication of the Cherry Hill Alternative High School's Journalism class under the supervision of Mr. Crawford and Ms. Shivers. 

    Check it out! The May 2021 issue can be found here THE MALBERG MONTHLY.

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    The Enemies Within Us – Sharon A. Crawford

    The Malberg Monthly, AHS's school newsletter is now live. It is a publication of the Cherry Hill Alternative High School's Journalism class under the supervision of Mr. Crawford and Ms. Shivers. 

    Check it out! The April 2021 issue can be found here THE MALBERG MONTHLY

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  • Mental Health Task Force - Community Outreach Program

    Hands holding hearts

    On Thursday, 3/25/21, at 7 pm, the CHPS Mental Health Task Force presented their Community Outreach Program online, including panelists from High Focus Centers, Penn Medicine, Effective School Solutions, the Cherry Hill Fire Department and more. A recording of the live presentation and its accompanying slides can be viewed online here.

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  • 2021 Summer Enrichment Programs

    Pencil Clipart

    The Cherry Hill Public School District is offering a variety of summer enrichment opportunities at High School East for students entering 5th through 11th grades as well as a Summer Music Enrichment Program at High School West. Please view below the flyers online for more information.

    Summer Enrichment Program
    Summer Music Enrichment Program

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  • (P)SAT and College Essay Workshops

    List graphic

    Cherry Hill Public Schools will be offering P(SAT) and College Essay Workshops in person at East this summer. Please view this flyer online for more information.

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    855 Exciting News Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

    The Malberg Monthly, AHS's inaugural school newsletter is now live. It is a publication of the Cherry Hill Alternative High School's Journalism class under the supervision of Mr. Crawford and Ms. Shivers. 

    Check it out! The March 2021 issue can be found here Malberg Monthly.

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     Water Drops Clipart File - Drop - 1371x1686 PNG Download - PNGkit

    The ¨Thirst Project¨ is a nonprofit organization that works with the support of young people to END the global water crisis by building freshwater wells in developing communities that need safe, clean drinking water. Why Water? Health and Sanitation: Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than HIV, Malaria, and all world violence combined. Small children typically do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis.

    In acknowledgement of Black History Month, the Community Service Class accepted donations for the ¨Thirst Project.

    With the totaled donations of $225.00, the Community Serivce Class was able to provide, TWO an entire families of four, access to safe, clean drinking water for life. They were also able to give one person safe, clean drinking water for the rest of their life!

    Thank you to everyone who donated and helped to support this very important project!


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    On February 8, 2021, the Alternative High School recveived a new principal.  Mrs. Giordano, has been getting to know staff and students, and is extremely happy to be back in the Cherry Hill School District.  Please click here for a letter frrom Mrs. Giordano.

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  • Employee Spotlight Beata Paris

    We are excited to welcome, on February 8, 2021, the new principal of the Alternative High School, Mrs. Lauren Giordano.

    Mrs. Giordano and her family

    Mrs. Lauren Giordano and Family

    I am elated to rejoin the Cherry Hill School Community. I moved to Cherry Hill when I was three years old. I am a graduate of Cherry Hill West (01), Carusi (96), and Russel Knight (94). Throughout my years as a student in Cherry Hill, I had several impactful teachers and coaches who inspired me to study movement, art, history, and culture. They helped me discover confidence in my talent, get lost in a good book, and the importance of connection.  While in my late teens and early twenties I traveled across a few continents, visiting several countries. In my travels, I started to comprehend the unique and magnificent contribution each human has to offer this planet. My love for listening and learning from humans of all ages continued to grow.  I often tagged along as a TA assistant or worked some extremely odd jobs, including making hula hoops out of recycled bottles, helping fix shoes in Africa, and cleaning a convent in Italy, to earn the money. After graduating from Rutgers with a BA in History, I returned to West and served as a teacher and coach for several years before moving onto Kingston Elementary School to teach fifth grade.  For the last few years, I have been serving as the Director of Special Services in Clementon, NJ. A wonderful little community with amazing students and teachers.

    I dedicate time to studying meditation, spirituality, and yoga. However, much is spent learning to play Roblox or build Legos with my son, Joey, and watching my daughter GeorgiaMae make beautiful art or fly across the bars in the gym.  Collectively, the Giordanos’ love dogs, we are fortunate to have two, Laverne and Shirley.

    I am passionate about cultivating opportunities and an inclusive environment for students that offers a platform for growth. I believe CHPS played a colossal role in shaping and driving my experiences. It is such an honor to be able to come back and serve as your principal.  

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        Communications / COVID-19 Return-to-School Information

    We excited to have the students return to in-person learning on Tuesday, January 19.  Please click here for an important message.

    Please remind studets that masks must be worn at all times; including the bus ride to and from school. Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth.

    It is imperative that students bring their charged device to school daily. There are minimal devices available in the building. Students should transport their devices in a backpack and/or device sleeve for protection.

    We look forward to seeing everyone, on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

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    Po-Hi offering PSAT exam Oct. 16

    PSAT Testing will take place on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.  Please read this important letter from Dr. Chapman regarding testing.

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  • spotlight picture

    Meet the new staff at the Alternative High School.  We are excited to welcome them into our learning community.

    Cameron Crawford

    Mr. Cameron Crawford

    English 9, 10, 11, 12, Journalism, HR 6

    I am beyond thrilled and grateful to join the Cherry Hill Alternative High School community. Originally from the state of Oklahoma, I have lived on the East Coast since 2003. I started my career in international development and government relations in Washington, DC, but discovered along the way that my true passion is teaching and making an impact in the lives of young people. My teaching career began in Philadelphia, and during that time I earned my Master of Education (M.Ed) in Special Education degree. I am a singer and writer of poetry. I hold firm beliefs and interest in redemption, equity and justice. My own proud identity as a Persian-American makes me uniquely poised to see the world from a different perspective. I am happily married and a proud father of an inquisitive, creative and caring six year old daughter. 

     Imani Shivers

    Ms. Imani Shivers

    Educational Assistant

    I am a recent graduate from Rutgers University. There, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Dance from the Mason Gross School of the Arts Dance Department. I also graduated with a minor in Sociology. I have been a dance instructor for six years, which has allowed me to teach and influence young minds in a positive way. I am  also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. I am very excited to be a part of the Alternative High School, and look forward to the school year.

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  • Senior Recognition Ceremony

    Graduation Cap 2020

    The AHS Senior Recognition Ceremony will take place virtually on Friday, June 12th at 11 AM.

    1. To view the Senior Recognition Ceremony Live Event, you will first click on the Join Live Stream link below.

    2. If you're viewing the Live Event on a desktop or laptop, select cancel at the pop-up window when prompted to open Microsoft Teams.

    3. If you're viewing the Live Event on a mobile device, you will have to download Microsoft Teams.

    4. Next, if on a desktop or laptop select Watch on the Web. If viewing from a mobile device, Microsoft Teams will open.

    5. Finally, select Join Anonymously.

    Join Live Stream

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    See the source image

    The Alternative High School is proud to announce, senior,  Echo Alexander, as a recipient of the American Red Cross' Hope Scholarship. Echo was selcted for being an active participant in our school's annual blood drive and exhibiting a leadership role in the coordination and recruitment of the blood drive.  He will receive $250 toward his college education. 

    Echo will be attending Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA in the Fall, where he will be studying ecology.

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  • COVID-19 Information

    from Our District Nurses

    Isolationism Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images ...


    Please read the attached newsletter, with helpful information regarding COVID-19, from the Cherry Hill Public Schools Nursing Department. 

    CH Nurses Newsletter Vol 2

    CH Nurse Newsletter 

    Additional information about COVID-19 can be found on the district  COVID-19 page. If you are experiencing illness, please seek the help of a medical professional.

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  • See the source image


    School is closed.


     We miss you!

     Together we stand strong!

     We can't wait to see you again.

     Be Well!   

    Stay Safe!

    We are the 

    Alternative High School Tigers.

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    notebook and pencil

    Please read the  attached letter from Dr. Chapman regarding the new online learning expectations that will take place starting, March 30, 2020.

    Letter From Dr. Chapman

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  • POSTPONED: Parent University and Resource Fair

    Message Graphic

    This event is postponed until further notice.

    The Cherry Hill Alliance on Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Cherry Hill Public Schools will later host an evening filled with useful information and helpful resources for both you and your children.

    Please view this online flyer for more information.

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  • AHS Student Council Elections! The Votes Are In!

    Student Council Winners

    The Alternative High School held Student Government Elections on Friday, October 4, during morning homeroom. The candidates spent a week of campaigning and each presented a platform speech on Wednesday, October 2. On Thursday, October 3, the Alternative High School held a Presidential debate, in which all 5 candidates where able to discuss their views on questions presented by Mr. Arno. After counting the votes, the race for the office of Vice-President ended in a tie. A runoff election was held on Monday, October 7, during morning homeroom. The Alternative High School is proud to announce the 2019-2020 Officers of the AHS Student Government Association:Echo Alexander - President, Sophia Gawronski - Vice President, Joe PAssio - Secretary, Tara Adams -Treasurer. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners, and THANK YOU to all who were courageous enough to run!

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  • Back To School Breakfast


    The Principal and staff of the Alternative High School invite you to join us for our "Back to School Breakfast". Please click on the link above for a letter from Dr. Chapman.

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  • Coronavirus Information

    Megaphone Clipart

    Information from the NJ Department of Health pertaining to the Coronavirus for K-12 Schools can be viewed online here.

    Further information can be found at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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  • Applications for Free & Reduced Price Meals Now Available 

    Free and Reduced Meals image

    Schools starts Tuesday, September 6, 2022! Be sure to fill out the application for Free and Reduced Price Meals on

    Questions? Need a paper copy mailed to you? Contact Alisha Wilson at 856-429-5600 extension 4348.

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  • CHPS Committed to Access

    CHPS Committed to Access

    WE are committed to access across the district, with projects completed, projects in progress, and projects planned. Our Capital Reserve Funds provide the foundational funds for one-time expenses to improve educational spaces, make investments in existing infrastructure and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Projects will continue through 2023 and beyond! Text-only list of projects available at CHPS Committed to Access

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  • Reminder to Complete COVID-19 Screening Checklist, Stay Home if Experiencing Symptoms or Awaiting COVID-19 Test Results


    IMPORTANT REMINDER TO ALL PARENTS: Please be sure to have your children take the District's daily self assessment each morning before they leave for school. If they are experiencing two or more of the symptoms on Column “A” or one of the symptoms on Column “B”, or if they are awaiting COVID-19 test results, they must not report to school. This applies to all students, vaccinated or not. If you have additional questions regarding this matter, please contact your school nurse.

    A checklist that can be translated into more than 90 languages via our "Select Language" option at the top left corner of this website also is available. The updated checklist includes the latest guidance from the NJ Department of Health and is ideal for printing and hanging on your refrigerator, bulletin board, bathroom mirror or other prominent area at home.

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