Transportation Information

  • Those big yellow buses will be on the road again soon! Bus routes will be posted at the schools during the last week in August. Meanwhile, read the Transportation Information PDF booklet to learn about transportation services in the Cherry Hill School District. This booklet includes details on transportation eligibility, our buses and drivers, bus routes and bus stops, late runs, lost and found, and more. Don't miss the section on Bus Safety Rules - and take a few moments to review these simple rules with your children before the school year begins.

    School Transportation FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Please consider these answers as only a guide for our Kingston students. For questions regarding buses, please call:

    The Cherry Hill School District has a new ‘Transportation Hotline’ to provide you with information regarding transportation delays. This number is 856 761-1092.

    TRANSPORTATION (856) 489-5852

    When should my child be at the bus stop?

    Children should be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

    The bus is late: what should I do?

    Please be patient for the first two weeks until everyone has become used to the schedule. Children should remain at their stops. Occasionally busses will develop mechanical problems, be delayed in traffic, or have substitute drivers. The bus is coming; don't leave. If the bus is more than 20 minutes late, you can call our office at (856) 489-5852 to find out what the problem is.

    What should I do if my child is not taking the bus home on a certain day?

    Please make sure to notify the school and your child's teacher in writing. All bus students are expected to ride the bus unless the school is notified otherwise.

    How can I arrange to have my Special Education child take the bus?

    Special Education children's transportation may be arranged by the Child Study Team, and may be specified in their IEP. Please contact your case worker for this information.

    We've moved; how do I find out where my child's bus stop is?

    Every school has a set of the routes and maps posted in a central spot. Please check with the school for that information.

    My child needs to go home on a different bus/get off at a different stop; what is the proper procedure?

    You must contact transportation in writing at least 2 days ahead of time. Changes to drop-off or pick-ups may not be moved over the phone.

    If my child is in kindergarten, should I be at the bus stop to meet him?

    For your child's safety and your peace of mind, someone should be at the stop to meet any young student. The driver cannot wait at the stop to watch all the students walk to their homes. Also, very young students may get lost or distracted on the way home. Please have someone there who will make sure your child gets home safely. Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure your child is safe to and from the bus stop.

    My child is the only one at his stop, and the bus goes right down my street. Can't the bus stop at my house?

    We would like to accommodate every student; however, it is impossible to do so. Bus stops are established at corners to serve an entire neighborhood. Clustering students to stops helps improve route efficiency and minimize travel time.

    My child left something on the bus; how can I get it back?

    The driver will check the bus at the end of each run, morning and afternoon. Any found items will be held on the bus till the next day to give the owner the opportunity to claim them. Your child should check with the driver the next time he rides the bus. If not claimed, the bus driver will usually drop off the item at the school.