• Healthy School Lunch Ideas - Quick and Easy School Lunch Ideas



    The Cherry Hill School District recognizes that good nutrition and learning go hand in hand. Therefore, Aramark, our food service company, is dedicated to offering nutritious meals which meet the guidelines set by the USDA Child Nutrition Program.


    Cherry Hill School District participates in the Offer versus Serve Lunch Program. This is a USDA Program which allows students to choose what they eat each day.

    In order for your child's lunch to count as a "school meal", they must select at least three different food components.

     In addition, one of your child's choices must be a fruit or vegetable.


    The 5 components that make a "school meal"


    A serving of Protein

    A serving of Vegetables

    A serving of Fruit

    A serving of Grain

    Fat Free or Low-Fat Milk


    Our meals meet the following guidelines:


    Calories from the total fat will not exceed 30%

    Calories from saturated fat will not exceed 10%

    Offer a variety of fresh fruit and cupped fruit

    Offer a variety of vegetables

    Offer a variety of low fat and fat free milk choices

    Offer 100% fruit juice


    For more information, please visit the USDA Food Nutrition Service website.