A.        The Cherry Hill Board of Education recognizes the importance of providing the best

    possible education to all students at all schools.  The Board also recognizes the importance of partnerships with the parents of our students.  To those ends the Cherry Hill Board of Education supports open enrollment; therefore, open enrollment was instituted for the two high schools beginning with the 2000-2001 school year.


                B.        Unless students apply to attend high school under open enrollment and are accepted, they will be assigned to East or West based on the boundary guidelines in Policy 8110 – Attendance Areas.


                  C.        Open enrollment will be available only to students entering in 9th grade. Students new to the district in grades 9-12 or those who have never attended high school in the Cherry Hill Public Schools may opt for open enrollment placement.


                D.        When students accept admittance under the Open Enrollment Policy, they are making a commitment for the complete number of grade levels at that school.


                E.        Transportation will be provided for students based on district guidelines.


                F.        The open enrollment period shall be from the first full week of February through the first full week in March.