The Cherry Hill Public Schools offer a wide array of courses to meet the ever-changing demands of the 21st century.  The schools are committed to providing students with opportunities that will serve as a basis to further their education, as well as offering opportunities in non-traditional and vocational types of industry. 


    On the following pages are a list of courses and electives offered at both high schools, as well as a list of the 16 career clusters. The corresponding career clusters are also identified prior to each course offering to assist students in identifying courses that may fit their career aspirations. Your school guidance counselor can also help in identifying elective courses that may fit your career aspirations. The district also provides students with opportunities through early release to gain credit through work-based opportunities, as well as Tech Prep at our local community college. Throughout the year, numerous technical schools visit the high schools to provide information to the students regarding non-traditional careers. Many of our content courses also offer students information in careers such as Agriculture, Food and Natural Sciences, Manufacturing and Transportation, Distribution and Logistics.


    Career Pathway Booklet