• The Family Friendly Centers provide a positive environment for students after school and engage the students in academics, social activities, and enrichment, plus the program promotes family support.

    The additional support and resources help the students to achieve success. The program is effective as a result of families and staff working together to ensure that the children are successful.

    Keep in mind that more than homework must be conducted in this program.

    The Student Enrichment Program (STEP) offers this after-school opportunity from 3:30 to 5:30 pm at the selected schools with the support of the State of NJ, Department of Children and Families. In the Family Friendly Centers, a limited number of students are able to participate in a group program.

    The performance outcomes of the program are:

    1. To improve the academic performance of the students
    2. To improve social and emotional well-being, and
    3. To strengthen family awareness of resources available in the school and the community

    The program objectives are to:

    • Provide group academic assistance
    • Increase confidence levels to do school work and increase knowledge
    • Maintain family communication with the program teachers
    • Offer opportunities for social involvement in a positive atmosphere
    • Reduce risk factors
    • Provide a safe, welcoming, and encouraging environment
    • Encourage family support for their child to attend the program
    • Improve student achievement through parent involvement
    • Help parents to understand the program and the teacher's expectations

    There will be activities, workshops, role-playing skits, and courses conducted to promote growth-producing behavior that will strengthen the student. The program’s teachers will help students to increase their confidence levels, raise achievement levels, and support knowledge and skill attainment.

    The annual participation fee is $100 per student or a maximum of $150 per family. The educational professionals at these two schools will determine which students would gain the most gain from this program and invite those students to participate. A family with financial hardship may attach a written note to the registration form which will be reviewed by the principal or you may contact the principal directly.



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    SACC & STEP Program
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