Occupational & Physical Therapy

  • What is Occupational Therapy?
    School-based occupational therapy is a related service that helps a child access, participate, and progress with activities relevant to the school day within their school environment. Occupational therapists use purposeful and functional tasks to facilitate a child's active participation in self-maintenance, academic and vocational pursuits that occur in school environments. Using direct and indirect services, as well as assistive technology and environmental modifications, school occupational therapists collaborate with teachers, other educational staff, and parents to help implement a child's education program.

    What is Physical Therapy?
    Physical Therapy is a related service, which is designed to help students access their school environment and participate safely and to the best of their ability in their academic curriculum. School physical therapists address functional limitations such as difficulties with mobility, transitions or gross motor skills, as well as interventions that address impairments that contribute to those functional limitations such as posture, balance, strength, and coordination. Difficulties in these areas must impact upon student participation in their educational program and environment.