Bus Guidelines

  • Transportation provided by the Cherry Hill Board of Education is a privilege. The safety and security of our riders is our number one priority! We are committed to providing transportation services as consistently and efficiently as possible. The only request being made in return for this privilege is proper bus behavior that ensures student safety. Treat the bus like it is your classroom, follow school rules, and please remember: 

    • Arrive at the bus stop about five minutes before scheduled time. 
    • Wait on the sidewalk or the area closest to the curb until the bus comes to a full stop (NOTE: sitting in a car or standing in the house or garage is not considered “at the bus stop”). 
    • Refrain from improper behavior at the bus stop. 
    • Board the bus in an orderly manner and remain seated with your seat belt on at all times. 
    • Bus seats will be assigned to every student. (Barclay-Grade 8) Students are expected to remain in their assigned seats for the duration of their time on the bus. 
    • Wear your seat belt 
    • Eating, drinking, or throwing objects on the bus is prohibited. 
    • Books, lunches, backpack, and body parts are to remain in your seat, not the aisle or another seat. 
    • Demonstrate respect for the school bus and refrain from any activity, which will result in damaging or defacing the school vehicle. 
    • Never lean out of the window of the bus or extend your head, arm or any other body part out of the window.  
    • Nothing should ever be thrown from the bus window. 
    • Follow the Bus Driver’s directions. 
    • Always ride your assigned bus. 
    • Speak softly, using appropriate language. 
    • Permission to change buses, or bus stop, will be granted in cases of EMERGENCY ONLY.  Students must ride on their assigned bus as well as get off the bus at their assigned stop.  We will do our best to accommodate EMERGENCY situations that might require your child changing buses or pick-up and drop-off points for the current day. Requests to change bus stops must be sent to the principal in writing prior to 11:30am. The principal must approve any change in drop-off by signing the note. Upon approval, your request will be sent to the CHPS Transportation Department and the driver will be notified.  
    • An approved adult must be present to meet Kindergarten students at the bus stop. An approved adult is a parent/guardian or an emergency contact listed in your child’s Student Information sheet in Genesis. We must have written permission from you to release your child to anyone else and that person must present proper identification. Otherwise, the bus driver must return your child to school and you will be required to pick him/her up there. 

    A pupil may be excluded from the bus for disciplinary reasons by the principal; the parent shall provide transportation to and from school during the period of such exclusion. Below is a copy of the New Jersey Statute that grants the Board of Education the right to exclude pupils who display behavior detrimental to the safety of other pupils: 

    18A:25-2. Authority over pupils  

    “The driver shall be in full charge of the school bus at all times and shall be responsible for order; s/he shall never exclude a pupil from the bus, but, if unable to manage any pupil, shall report the unmanageable pupil to the principal of the school which he attends. A pupil may be excluded from the bus for disciplinary reasons by the principal and his parents shall provide for his transportation to and from school during the period of such exclusion.” 

    Transporting Musical Instruments/Sporting Equipment on School Buses

    Oversized objects (musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.) are not permitted on the bus to school or home from school. Large musical instruments such as guitars, tubas, saxophones, French horns, snare drums and baritones are too large to be transported on school buses safely. In an accident, these items can easily become a projectile and can injure a student. Smaller instruments such as flutes, or clarinets for example can be stored safely with the student on board the bus. Bus drivers, bus aides, teachers, or parents are not permitted to assist in putting the instruments on the bus for a student. Any instrument carried onto the bus, must be placed in the student’s lap, or stored between the student’s legs on the floor. Unsecured instruments and sporting equipment are a safety hazard and cannot block the aisle. Any kind of sporting equipment, including bats of any kind, etc., must be handled in a safe manner, preferably secured in a sports equipment bag. Sports equipment and bags must be able to be placed on the student’s lap or between the student’s legs on the floor. If you’re not sure if the object is an acceptable size for transport, please check with your child’s Principal for guidance.