Late Bus Information

    • Only students eligible for daily transportation are permitted to board a late bus.
    • Late buses are courtesy buses. There are no assigned bus stops. The location the student may be left off the bus could vary by the day and more than likely, will not be your child’s assigned bus stop but will be a stop within reasonable distance to their stop.
    • Please contact your school’s secretary to learn which late bus your student is assigned to.

    Contractors for our Late Bus runs:

    First Student - Berlin (856) 753-0222

    • EAST High School Routes: ELR-1, ELR-2, ELR-3, ELR-4, ELR-5, ELR-6

    Hillman's Bus Service (856) 753-1123

    • BECK Middle School Routes: BLR-1, BLR-2, BLR-3
    • CARUSI Middle School Routes: CLR-1, CLR-2, CLR-3
    • ROSA Middle School Routes: RLR-1, RLR-2, RLR-3, RLR-4, RLR-5, RLR-6, RLR-7
    • WEST High School Routes: WLR-1, WLR-2, WLR-3