Lost Items

  • (jackets, athletic uniforms, projects, backpacks, lunch boxes, cell phones, earbuds, water bottles, etc.):

    It is the students’ responsibility to make sure they have all of their belongings before disembarking the bus.

    Every day, thousands of students ride to and from our schools. If just one student from each bus forgets something each day, there will be hundreds of items piled into lost and found boxes. And, that would just be the first week of school!

    The CHPS Transportation Department's procedure is to have your student's driver hold on to anything found on the bus for 3 days before turning it over to the bus contractors’ office. Neither Cherry Hill Public Schools or our bus contractors are responsible for missing or damaged items.

    If your student has left something on the school bus, please have them check with the driver the next time they board the bus. Radio communications with the drivers are limited to student transportation matters, i.e.; transfers, lost students, or emergency communications. Note: a missing cell phone does not fall under emergency communications. We do not have access to a driver's personal phone number.