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    Please contact me for any questions or concerns you may have concerning your child’s health. Your child’s well-being and good health is of the utmost importance to me. 😊 Please be sure to provide a nutritious breakfast to prepare your child to learn! I would appreciate being notified of any significant illness, injury (cast or brace) that may impact your child’s school day. Students may not carry medication during  school  or on the school bus.  This includes throat lozenges. All  medications require a medication form signed by both parent and Physician and must be brought to the health office by an adult.  This also includes over the counter medications. Please refer to the Tylenol/Motrin permission form on my webpage if you would like to provide permission for this during school.   

    Provide at least two emergency contacts in the event that your child needs to be sent home due to illness or injury. Please do not send your child to school if they are not feeling well! Children that are ill will not be able to learn effectively!


    Ms. Stacey Hollander RN
    (856) 428-1144 Ext. 2

Important Medical Forms