Immunization Requirements

  • Elementary School Immunization and Health Requrements: 

    The State of New Jersey requires the following immunizations for kindergarten and elementary school.


    Age 1-6 years:  4 doses, with one dose given in or after the 4th birthday, OR any 5 doses

    Age 7-9 years:  3 doses


    Age 1-6 years:  3 doses, with one dose given on or after the 4th birthday OR any 4 doses

    Age 7 or older:  Any 3 doses

    MMR:   Measles 2 doses, Mumps & Rubella -  1 dose of each (This is often combined into an MMR so 2 doses of MMR are also acceptable.)

    VARICELLA:  (Chicken Pox) - 1 dose on or after the 1st birthday. Most physicians now give a 2nd dose because the single dose was not totally effective.

    Hepatitis B:  3 doses, properly spaced

    Please note that there are different requirements for pre-school and day care settings. Here is a copy of the N.J. Immunization Guidelines:


    A Physical Exam is required upon entrance into the school district. A physical exam should be completed every year. 


    Middle School Requirements


    Is your child going to middle school next year? Here's what you need to know in order for your child to be able to attend middle school.

    The NJ Department of Health requires all pupils entering Grade 6 to have the following:

    1.  A Tdap immunization if it has been 5 years since their last DTP/DTaP dose. 

    2.  A Meningococcal immunization for students that are 11 years of age and older. 

    3.  A Physical Exam is required, it must be a state required Sport Physical form if playing a sport.  

    Please schedule an appointment with your health care provider well in advance so that your child will not be excluded from school.

    If your child is planning to play a sport in middle school a current Sport Physical is required. This is a 4 page form, it  is very different from the 1 page physical form. A regular physical form does not contain the proper information and is not acceptable. Please see the Middle School Requirements tab for more information and to access the form. 

    Middle School sport information can also be found on the Middles School Web sites.