•  Asthma and Allergies have a major impact on students performance at school. Make sure your child takes their asthma/allergy medicine before coming to school.




    Asthma medication for elementary students that have the proper medical documentation is kept the school nurse's office. The proper medical documentation includes: A physician's note or properly completed Asthma Action Plan from the student's health care provider listing the name of the student, name, dosage, frequency and the reason for administration of medication. All medication must be in it's original container with pharmacy label. A parent permission form must be completed. CURRENT CDC GUIDELINES RECOMMEND THE USE OF INHALERS AT SCHOOL IN PLACE OF NEBULIZERS IN ORDER TO DECREASE AEROSOLIZED PARTICLES IN THE AIR.


    Middle School and High School Students are permitted to self-carry and self administer inhalers and Epi-Pens with permission from their health care provider.