Mrs. Smith

  • Hello, my name is Marie Smith and I am the school nurse at Stockton school. I have been a nurse for 39 years and a school nurse for 23 of those years. I've been at Stockton since 2016 and have been in the district since 1998. I have worked in several of our Cherry Hill schools including Barton, Kilmer and West High School. 

    Prior to becomming a school nurse, I worked in the pediatric intensive care unit at Cooper Hospital. I've spent the majority of my nursing career working with children, but I also have experience working with adults. One of my favorite things about elementary school nursing is having the opportunity to see the students grow over the years. Its a pleasure to watch them develop from kindergarten to grade 5. 

    I received my nursing degree from the Germantown Hospital School of Nursing, my BSN (Bachelor's in Nursing) from LaSalle University and my School Nurse Certification (CSN) from Rowan University. School nursing is busy, complex and rewarding. If you are a nurse and think you might be interested in school nursing I'll be glad to talk with you about it!