• "Why are our kids overweight and obese?  Very simple.  They are not eating right and they are not getting enough physical activity."
    Dr. Richard H carmine, US Surgeon General

    Sometimes the best approach to improving one's health and fitness is to add physical exercise.  Many of our children participate in organized sports or dance.  Those are great, but there are a few simple changes one can initiate to promote physical fitness.

    Children should have at least one hour of vigorous physical activity per day.  Physical activity keeps the body and mind functioning effectively.

    Ways to help increase one's activity:

    • Cut back on TV, computer and video games
    • Avoid sitting for longer than 30 minutes
    • Park the car farther away in the parking lot and walk
    • Walk, walk and more walking
    • Get a pedometer and strive for 10000 steps per day
    • Encourage as much walking as possible to and from places that are relatively close, but to which you usually drive
    • Walk the dog
    • Work outdoors in the garden
    • Ride bikes
    • Skate
    • Swim
    • Play tennis, golf, and basketball
    • Climb the stairs
    • Drink water
    • Eat a balanced diet

    Here is a great website about being a
    FIT KID!