• Medications can be administered in school, however, ALL medications (including over-the-counter preparations)must be kept in the school nurse's office and administered either by the nurse or under the direct supervision of the nurse.

    ALL medications (which include over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or Advil) require a written doctor's order and written parent/guardian permission. (see attachment at bottom of page for standard medication administration form)

    ALL medication must be delivered by an adult, to an adult at school.  Children should not carry medications around in their backpacks.  This is not just for the safety of the child who receives the medication, it is for the safety of any child who may inadvertently come in contact and take someone else's medication.

    Autoinjectable epinephrine for students with life-threatening allergies can be administered by a trained non-nursing delegate in the absence of the nurse. This requires completion of documents by the child's healthcare provider and student's parents: the epi delegate event form and an emergency action plan/food allergy action plan (both attached below). A list of all foods the child may not consume or can react to should be provided.