Head Lice Infestation(Pediculosis)

  • Pediculosis (head lice) is common among school-aged children and is not known to cause disease. It's the parent's / guardian's responsibility to check their child's hair and treat, if necessary. If you suspect head lice, please contact the school nurse. Regular communication between school and home helps to keep this pest to a minimum.  

    Our school district policy follows the guidelines of the the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control when dealing with and managing head lice.

    If lice/nits are detected during the school day, the parent / guardian is contacted to discuss treatment with their health care provider. Students should be treated according to the pediatrician's instructions and may return to school the next day, accompanied by a parent / guardian, to be seen by the nurse before returning to class. The nurse will check the student's head to ensure that the child is in compliance with the policy. 

    I check the heads of known associates of the infested child, but generally will not do mass head checks. I will do mass head checks and send home a letter if I feel there is a possibility of a wide-spread infestation. If there is definitely a wide-spread infestation, parents will be notified of such. If you hear that I have been checking heads from sources other than me, please do not assume there is a severe problem. If your child is at risk, you will be notified.

    If you suspect your child is infested with head lice please contact me before sending your child into school. I will be happy to check your child's head, and yours too! But you must be present so that if the child needs to go home, you will be available.

    See the Centers for Disease Control website below for more detailed information about, and images of, head lice: