• Mount Misery Medication/Health Information

    Mt. Misery medical forms are due to the nurse prior to your child leaving for the camp.

    1. A nurse will be at the camp 24 hours a day. The camp nurse must administer all medications. However, if a student has a life-threatening medical condition she/he may self-carry his Asthma Inhaler or an Epi-Pen for an allergic reaction to Bee Stings, Latex or Food Allergies. All appropriate paperwork must be completed and on file with the nurse.

    2. Place all medications in a plastic bag. Please make sure the bag is labeled: CHILD NAME, Grade Level House and DATE OF TRIP to Mt. Misery.

    3. All medications must be in their properly labeled prescription bottles.

    4. All over the counter medications (Tylenol, Advil, and Benadryl) must also be in their properly

    labeled containers. Vitamins must be in their properly labeled bottles.

    5. The nurse cannot dispense any loose pills or tablets.

    6. All BAGS OF MEDICATIONS must be brought into the NURSE one week before your child’s trip.

    7. All Medications including over the counter medicines require a doctor’s order with the exception of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) which require written permission from a parent/guardian. All orders should be legible and clear as to how and when they are to be administered.

    8. Please make sure to fill out the Health Information Form: A) Last date of Tetanus shot. B) Allergies to foods or medications etc. C) Has your child been exposed to any illnesses recently such as chickenpox, strep throat, etc?

    9. Make sure to sign on the line with your signature under Medical Emergencies. This will allow the teachers and nurse to take your child to the closest hospital and begin treatment. Of course the parents will be called immediately if any serious health issues arise.

    10. A Nebulizer for asthma treatment is available at camp. If a nebulizer treatment is needed, send in the proper tubing and mouthpiece along with the prescribed medication and Doctor’s Order.

    11. Please share any concerns you may have about your child. Some children sleepwalk or may become very homesick. This should be noted on the Health Information Form.

    12. Please place your medication forms in the Plastic Medication Bag so they are not lost.

    13. The Nurse or the House Teacher will return all medications to the parents upon arrival at school after the trip. Please pick up your child’s medications when you pick your child up from the Mt. Misery trip. 

    Any questions please contact Mrs. Taylor at 667-1220 x 3561 or  #2 OR mtaylor@chclc.org