If your child has diabetes, please contact the nurse prior to the start of the school year. 

    Parents are responsible for providing all diabetic supplies. 

    Supplies to be kept at school:

    • Blood glucose meter, test strips and battery for meter
    • Lancet device and lancets
    • Insulin and insulin syringes
    • Insulin pen, insulin cartridges, pen needles (if applicable)
    • Insulin pump supplies
    • Urine ketone test strips
    • Blood ketone test strips and meter (if applicable)
    • Fast acting glucose source 
    • Glucagon emergency kit

     Food supplies:

    • snack foods
    • low blood sugar supplies: glucose tablets, juice and carbohydrate/protein snacks
    • water bottle

    Students may carry all diabetes supplies and perform diabetes related tasks at the nurse's office or in any other area agreed upon by parents and the school nurse.  In addition, students should have a glucose monitoring device and a fast acting glucose source with them at all times. 

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