Gym Excuses

  • If your child requires a medical excuse as a result of illness or injury, please review the following guidelines:

    *All notes from the student's healthcare provider should go to the nurse’s office first prior to the student reporting to PE that day.  A copy of the note will be placed in the respective teacher’s mailbox and then placed in the individual student’s Physical Education file to keep accurate records of all excuses.  The nurse’s office will keep all the original notes.

    *A note or email from a parent will be accepted and marked as a MEDICAL EXCUSE.  Any medical issue taking more than 3 consecutive gym periods (6 school days) requires a note from the student's healthcare provider. 

    *We ask that any note from a the student's healthcare provider be as specific as possible as to the limitations of the student.  If they are not listed, it will be assumed that NO participation is allowed.  Any limitation that seems to be in question will be considered “NO participation” until communication with the parent and/or healthcare provider occurs to clear the confusion.

    *Once medically excused, a written note must come from the student's healthcare provider in order to allow the student to resume activities.  If the original note has a specified end (date, # of weeks, etc…) that will serve as a specified time to return to activities.