• Pills

      • During the regular school day, parents and legal guardians are permitted to administer necessary medication to their child in the nurse's office.
      • All medication must be transported to and from school by an adult. Do not send students to school with medication (prescription or over-the-counter) in their backpacks as this is against district policy.
      • If your child requires medication to be given by the nurse during the school day, please review the following exert from Cherry Hill School District's Policy for Medication Administration:
        • Before any medication may be administered to any pupil, the Board of Education requires:

      1) a written request from the parent/guardian, and

      2) if the pupil requires prescription medication or any non-prescription medication other than acetaminophen or ibuprofen, a written request from the prescribing physician and an original dispensing medication container.

      • For prescription medication, the dispensing medication container must display a valid pharmacy label. The written request from the parent/guardian shall give permission for such administration and relieve the Board of Education and its employees from liability for administration of medication, and in the case of administration of acetaminophen or ibuprofenshall further indicate the specific condition for which administration is requested.
      • The written request from the prescribing physician shall include:

      A. The name and purpose of the medication;

      B. The dosage of medication, including instructions for administration;

      C. Name of physician and date;.

      ****All medication orders must be updated annually.****

      Medication Permission Form