• What Is Student Assistance?

    Cherry Hill Schools has provided a Student Assistance Counseling Program for many years.  In addition to the traditional guidance services offered in the school, the Student Assistance Program is intended to address personal issues early as a means of prevention.  The Student Assistant Counselors, in the High Schools and Middle Schools have a Master’s Degree in Counseling or related field , in addition to a certification as Substance Awareness Coordinators / Student Assistance Counselors (SAC).

    Student Assistance is a confidential counseling program designed to help students and families with a broad spectrum of issues.  The  counseling program provides a safe haven for students to explore difficult and sometimes sensitive issues so they can develop a positive plan for coping or change.  In the past, students have received help managing stress, parental separation/divorce, peer conflicts, grief, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and substance abuse.  Student Assistance is often viewed as family assistance, since many times the  entire family is offered assistance in managing a difficult situation. 

    In addition to self-referrals, many students make contact with the Student Assistance Counselor as a result of a caring  teacher,  administrator, nurse, guidance counselor, friend or parent who requests an appointment for a student. 

    The SACs are also the Anti-Bullying Specialists that deal with investigation of the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (HIB) cases  within their buildings.