Middle School Requirements


    Is your child going to middle school next year? Here's what you need for your child to attend middle school.

    The NJ Department of Health requires all pupils entering Grade 6 to have the following:

    1.  A Tdap immunization unless it's less than 5 years since their last DTP/DTaP dose. Most students will need this

    2.  A Meningococcal immunization for students that are 11 years of age and older. Most students will need this.

    3.  A Physical exam, it must be a *State Sport Physical form if playing a sport. 

    Please schedule an appointment with your health care provider well in advance so that your child will not be excluded from school.

    *If your child is planning to play a sport in middle school a current Sport Physical is required. This is a state mandated form that is 4 pages long and is very different from the 1 page physical form that is used in elementary school.  Page 2 of the form only needs to be filled out if your chld has a physical disability. The  link to the form is below, it is also available from your school nurse and is accessible on the high school and middle school web sites. 

    This information can be confusing so please call if you have any questions. Below is the link to the sport physical form for middie and high school:  


    Middle and High School Sport Physical Form


    Below is a handy guide to avoiding errors that will slow down the processing of the form. 


     How to Avoid Mistakes on the Physical Form