The meeting participants shall determine whether an evaluation is warranted and, if warranted, shall determine the nature and scope of the evaluation, according to N.J.A.C. 6A: 14-3.4(a).


    The team will determine which child study team members and/or specialists shall conduct each assessment that is part of the evaluation.

    Written Notice

    Within 15 calendars of the Initial Meeting, the parent will be provided with written notice of the proposed actions including the nature and scope of the evaluation.

    Obtaining Consent

    Prior to conducting any assessment the district shall request and obtain consent to evaluate.


    After parental consent for initial evaluation has been received, the evaluation, determination of eligibility for services, and if eligible, development and implementation of the IEP for the student shall be completed within 90 calendar days.


    What is an evaluation?

    An evaluation is the process used to determine whether your child has a disability. This process includes a review of any relevant data, and the individual administration of any tests, assessments and observations of your child. For an initial evaluation, at least two child study team members and other specialists, as required or as determined necessary, must participate. A minimum of two assessments of your child are needed to determine eligibility for special education and related services. Each assessment must be conducted by a person who has appropriate training, or who is qualified to conduct the assessment through his or her professional license or certification.

    When is an evaluation warranted?

    An evaluation is needed when the parent(s), the members of the child study team and your child’s teacher meet and decide that your child may have a disability.

    What is the procedure if the student is going to be assessed?

    Once it is determined that assessments are necessary an initial evaluation plan is developed and the parent/guardian gives written permission. The district then has ninety (90) days to complete the necessary evaluations. Within the ninety (90) days an Eligibility Conference is scheduled where the evaluations are interpreted and it is determined if the student is eligible for special education and/or related services.