• Contact your school SEPAG representative via e-mail link with any thoughts or ideas regarding the key takeaways and/or future meeting topics.

      Goals accomplished between collaboration with SEPAG and district administration during the 2021-2022 school year:

      • SEPAG representation on several district advising committees such as Return to Learn and ESSR funding distribution.
      • Suggested the district hold a specific Special Education-only Town Hall to discuss Middle School Redistricting. This suggestion was approved and the town hall was held on February 3, 2022. Many points raised by community members during this town hall were discussed at the February Board of Education Meetings. The board decided against a 6th grade center and will permit students to finish middle school where they start.
      • Meetings with administration regularly throughout the 2021-22 school year to discuss pressing topics. Some examples of meeting topics covered: emergency meeting to discuss Middle School Redistricting once the board announced this change in December 2021. Meeting also held in January to discuss.  Administration asked for our input on topics like the Middle School Scheduling alignment in February 2022.

      Agreed upon goals that SEPAG is collaborating with district administration to accomplish in the 2022-2023 school are listed below, but not limited to:

      • Improving the transition process for all grades that will switch schools in the following school year.
      • Creating a strong collaborative relationship between building principals and SEPAG building representatives to facilitate consistency throughout the buildings and district.
      • Creating more inclusive extra-curricular opportunities for our students with IEPs.


      A. Russell Knight Elementary - Sara Console

      Alternative High School - Vacant

      Malberg Early Childhood Center - Vacant

      Bret Harte Elementary - Vacant

      Cherry Hill High School East - Beth Perlman/Ramya Lotano

      Cherry Hill High School West - Sarah Milligan

      Clara Barton Elementary - Joe Dacchille

      Henry C. Beck Middle School - Dr. Brandon McGee

      Horace Mann Elementary - Melissa Busch

      J.F. Cooper Elementary - Vacant

      James Johnson Elementary - Francesca ReynoldsRachel Lichtenberg

      John A. Carusi Middle School - Francesca Reynolds   Nykea Owens  

      Joseph D. Sharp Elementary - Vacant

      Joyce Kilmer Elementary - Roxanne Levenberg

      Kingston Elementary - Christine Feeney

      Out of District - Jennifer Naddeo

      Richard Stockton Elementary - Vacant

      Rosa International Middle School - Raquel Nahra,  Sheila Cummings, Christina Hobbs, Meredith Levin

      Thomas Paine Elementary - Vacant

      Woodcrest Elementary - Alyson Feld