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Special Ed Questions and Answers

  • Question: "How soon is the ESY schedule set? We never know what weeks our learner will be in ESY until their IEP meeting in the late spring. It would be incredibly helpful to have more advanced notice. Thanks!"

  • Question: “I want my son to be able to be in a mainstream classroom with support as well as a self-contained classroom. How can I make sure that he will have support to do so? He is five years old with Autism.”

  • Question: “ My son attends a top elementary school in another state . We will be moving to Cherry Hill, NJ for his high school years. I am trying to find out who handles the transition for children with IEPs in Cherry Hill. Can someone direct me to the Student Placement Office for special needs or to who handles these types of transitions? I also would like to know more about the school choice option. "

  • Question: "We are residents of Cherry Hill but my daughter attends a private school. I am interested in having her evaluated by the district (it has been recommended by her school to be evaluated by a child study team). Who do I reach out to in order to initiate this process?"