Ben Ovadia

Benjamin Ovadia has been working in the nonprofit field for more than a decade, and received his MBA from Rutgers University.  For the past 7 years and currently, he is the Development Manager for a large, local nonprofit. 

Mr. Ovadia is committed to serving the children, families and community of Cherry Hill.  Prior to serving on the Board of Education as a vacancy appointee, Mr. Ovadia served in various roles in PTA, including PTA President and chair of various committees including Advocacy, Bylaws, Audit and Nominating.  Mr. Ovadia has been an active member of the Cherry Hill Fair Funding campaign for a number of years, including originating and messaging the major petition that received 2,000 signatures.  He has advocated for a number of issues at the community level and for the last bond referendum was part of the Bond Key Communicators Committee.  

For years, Mr. Ovadia regularly attended Board of Education meetings, spoke up during public comment and encouraged community voice including meeting with dozens of parent and community advocates. He believes that parent and community voice has a real place in District discourse, especially around good information and engagement.  He is excited to continue his volunteer service to Cherry Hill Public Schools, an amazing school district filled with incredible opportunities.

2019 BOE Committee Appointments: Business & Facilities and Strategic Planning

Term expires: 2019