Ken Tomlinson, Jr.

Ken Tomlinson has spent the last several years building, refining and launching STEM-focused education for adults and children alike. Through hands-on projects and problem-solving programs, Mr. Tomlinson’s company shows children and adults the power of modern technology. He is CFO of a makerspace and start-up incubator in Philadelphia and a board member of three early stage companies. Mr. Tomlinson also has experience as an analyst for the most active Venture Capital Fund in the U.S. He counts years of financial analysis and planning experience in both “small scale bootstrap and high velocity startup settings.”

Mr. Tomlinson is a local scout leader for Troop 146 and has held various volunteer roles within his church. He earned a Bachelor of Science in political economy from Juniata College.

Mr. Tomlinson has three children who are enrolled in the Cherry Hill Public Schools and will be for the next 11 years. Mr. Tomlinson believes that more than just STEM education, we need to remind ourselves why our kids go to school every day and who the people are who make that experience happen. Mr. Tomlinson wants our teachers and administrators to be best equipped to launch our children into the 21st century.

2018 BOE Committee Appointments: Business & Facilities (Chair) and Human Resources

Term Expires: 2018