Cherry Hill Public School District Mission Statement and Belief Statements

Mission Statement

We shall provide all children with an education that develops open-minded thinkers with the strong
academic and interpersonal skills to thrive in an ever-changing world and make it a better place for all.

Belief Statements

Because we value high-quality education, we believe:

  • All students can and will learn
  • All learning must be standards-based, challenging, relevant, and developmentally appropriate
  • All students need positive relationships with faculty and staff members
  • All learning must occur in safe and secure environments
  • All staff will dedicate themselves to supporting student achievement
  • A variety of instructional modalities and technology tools must be used to accomplish student learning

Because we value creative, open-minded thinking, we believe:

  • Students must be prepared to explore multiple perspectives
  • Students must be able to analyze new ideas in ways that show healthy skepticism
  • Students must be able to communicate respectfully with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Students must have the opportunity to demonstrate proper respect, responsibility, and positive citizenship in their schools and community

Because we strive to produce well-prepared, inspired graduates, we believe:

  • Students must graduate from our district ready and prepared to enter college and/or careers
  • Schools must partner with families and our community to foster lifelong learning
  • Students must be supported in their efforts to master social and emotional skills
  • Students must be supported in their efforts to develop and pursue meaningful goals
  • Staff must be supported in their efforts to grow professionally and to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills