Password Reset

  • If you need assistance with changing your password, please click here to fill out a technology RFS. Please include a phone number or extension that you can be reached at in the RFS.  If you cannot fill out an RFS, please call Technology at 856-489-7663 x4242

    Step 1 - Go to the District password change website -- & Read the instructions and requirements for passwords on the page - You are Here!

    Step 2 - Click the Button “Change Your Password” at the bottom of this page.

    Step 3 - You may be prompted to sign in to Microsoft 365 -- Please use your Current CHCLC Password

    Step 4 - You will brought to a page with the Cherry Hill Public Schools logo that says “change password”  Your User ID (email address) will be pre-filled in

    1. Enter your OLD password
    2. Enter your NEW password x2 -
    3. Reminders - Passwords must meet the following requirements or you will be prompted to select a different NEW Password:
      1. At least 6 Characters long
      2. Include 1 Letter & 1 Number
      3. A unique password not previously used

    Step 5 – Once you have changed your password you will see a screen that says” Please wait a few minutes”, when you see this page you can Exit (X) your browser.  Your password has been successfully changed. 

    Step 6 - Enter your NEWLY selected password on any mobile devices that you use

    1. You will need to update your password under your devices settings for both WiFi & Email
    2. If you do not update your mobile devices, your account may “lock out” and prevent access
    3. Special Note for PC/Windows (High School) Staff 1:1 Devices -- If you change your password from HOME, you may need to use your “OLD” password to login to windows on your 1:1 device until the next time your login to your device at school. All other District services will use your “NEW” password immediately.  Once your new password is used to sign in at school, you will use your NEW password to login going forward.

    Change Your CHCLC Password