• Some information to support your student: 

    Be a role model. Children will react to and follow your reactions. They learn from your example. • Be aware of how you talk about COVID-19. Your discussion about COVID-19 can increase or decrease your child's fear. If true, remind your child that your family is healthy, and you are going to do everything within your power to keep loved ones safe and well. Carefully listen or have them draw or write out their thoughts and feelings and respond with truth and reassurance.

    Reach out to your School Nurse for support.

    This website contains important information that will help meet the medical needs of your child while at school.  Please review the attached  “Welcome Letter” for information regarding health office procedures.  

    Pay particular attention to the following:

    • Medication administration           
    • Asthma Action Plan with permission to self-carry
    • Epinephrine Forms
    • Sports Physical Requirements
    • Physical Education Excuses
    • 6th Grade Immunization Requirements

    Important Files