8th Grade Open House

  • Welcome to the Cherry Hill East 8th Grade Open House page. Our Open House is designed to provide families an opportunity to learn more about the culture of East: our academics, our athletics, and our activities. 

    Live interactive Q+A sessions

    Each session is 30 minutes
    Q+A session with teachers from our core academic offerings (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Health, Special Education)
    Q+A session with representatives from our elective programs (Fine and Industrial Arts, Business, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Drama)
    Q+A session with student representatives

    Fine Arts Programs: Please click to view examples of student work and our Fine Arts offerings

    Technical Education Electives: Please click to view examples of student work and our Technical Education offerings

    For our athletics and activity offerings, we are not going to be able to offer students the opportunity to visit or interact with our coaches and advisors for various clubs and activities.

    For athletics, music/drama, and publications: Students who are interested in participating in Athletics and Activities including Publications, Vocal/Instrumental Music, or Theater can sign-up for your interests. Coaches and advisors will send out any information about their programs.

    Please fill out the following 2021 Open House Athletics & Activities Form.

    For clubs and activities: Please visit the East Activities website. We have descriptions of each club on our club list and any social media presence linked to each club name.

    We are planning to schedule an in-person Activities Fair in May and to provide all incoming members of the Class of 2025 with evening tours of the building to support the transition to HS East.
    We hope you enjoy our 8th grade Open House presentation on January 21st and wish you all the best in making your high school decision.