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    Could you please tell me the name(s) of the Cherry Hill preschool providers for the 2024-2025 school year?

    Our Cherry Hill preschool providers for the 2024-2025 school year are Discovery Corner, Kindercare and Mosaic Learning.


    My daughter was not selected for the 2024-2025 pre-k lottery and instead is waitlisted. If she is not selected for the 2024-2025 school year, will the district provide a stipend to cover other means of enrollment in another program/school?



    How does the preschool lottery work for twins? Will they both be chosen if one is? Thank you!

    Yes, if one twin is selected, the other will also be given a seat.


    My daughter is turning four years old on September 2. When can I register her for preschool? When does the preschool registration start? Is there a link to register? 

    Information regarding the application process for the 24-25 school year will be announced during our Virtual Open House on February 26, 2024, at noon and 6 pm (same presentation both times). Sign on at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83102835096 Webinar ID: 831 0283 5096  


    My daughter is in the program at Mosaic. Where do we report absences? Do absences get reported to the site (Mosaic) only, or do we also need to report to the district and/or bus company? Thank you! 

    Daily absences for Mosaic Learning Center should be reported to Danielle Williams (danielle.williams@centerffs.org) AND Stephen Holinaty (stephen.holinaty@centerffs.org). If the child rides the bus, the absence needs to be reported to the CHPS Transportation office as soon as possible by calling 856-489-5851.  Please note that an email was sent to all families on 1/5/2024 from Dr. Mahan with detailed information regarding attendance at Mosaic Learning Center.  If you did not receive the email, please email Dr. Mahan at fmahan@chclc.org .


    My son is now attending Mosaic Early Learning in Oaklyn, NJ. He is 5 years old. Since I just registered him, do I still have to register him again for kindergarten?

    If your child is fully registered in Cherry Hill Public Schools Preschool Program either at Malberg or a provider site, you will not need to re-register. 


    Is free lunch offered at a private provider's school if I qualify? If so, can you send me the application?

    The providers are required to enroll in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) to determine food service expectations.  The private providers will work with families to determine what will be offered.  The Mosaic Learning Center/ Head Start Location and Discovery Corner are enrolled in the program and Family Matters is finalizing their application.  If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch the provider will work with you.


    Will before or aftercare at Malberg become an option for the remainder of the 2023-24 school year? What about the 2024-25 school year?

    Before and aftercare will not be offered at Malberg for the remainder of the 23-24 school year.  We do not anticipate offering before and aftercare during the 24-25 school year at Malberg.


    What type of security will be added to each location, such as cameras or a call bell?

    The private providers have camera systems, locked doors, and call bells.  The private provider sites were visited by Cherry Hill Public Schools Director of Security to provide feedback on the security protocols in place.  All private providers will be following all of the safety and security protocols that are required by the state DOE. 


    Are there plans to change the start and end times for the 2024-2025 school year?

    At this time, there are no plans to change the start and end times for the 2024-2025 school year.  Cherry Hill Public Schools does not own school buses.  The District works with private transportation companies to provide services to up to 8,000 students on a daily basis.  The start and end times for each level (Preschool, Elementary, Middle, High) are tiered to provide adequate drop off and pick up times.


    I see that we are automatically enrolled in the same location between years. Can we opt to be at a different location instead? I would like to transfer my current Malberg student to any of the private providers next year, so we can have access to before/after care.

    At this time, we plan to have students maintain enrollment at their assigned location as a 3-year-old and 4-year-old.


    For the 2024-2025 school year, will there be an option to select preference for provider with access to before and after care?

    Parents will not be able to select private provider locations.

Preschool FAQ

  • At a celebratory event held at our own Estelle V. Malberg Early Childhood Center on October 18, 2023, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) announced that 26 school districts, including the  Cherry Hill Public Schools, will receive Preschool Education Expansion (PEA) Expansion.

    The District requested $3,417,615 in PEA to tentatively serve 249 full-day, general education, preschool students in 2023-2024.

    The District is excited to welcome students beginning in January 2024! 


    For your information, below is a list of frequently asked questions.



    When will students on the waitlist be notified there is an available seat?

    Families of students on the waitlist were notified on Monday, November 6, 2023 via email.  Additionally, a letter was mailed to all home addresses. 

    My child is in Preschool 3 this year, so they need another year of preschool for the 24-25 school year. If we accept a spot for this school year, are we guaranteed a space for next school year as well? Or will we be back in the lottery for the 24-25 year? 

    Yes, once a student is awarded a slot, they are guaranteed a slot in the program until they transition to full day kindergarten.

    I see that the spaces are going to be available "in January." Does that mean preschool will begin when the rest of the district schools resume following winter break? Or could it be later in the month? 

    It is our intention to begin on January 2nd when we return from Winter Break!  

    When will I be notified of which private provider I have been assigned? 

    Families will be notified of private provider assignment once the acceptance or decline notifications have been returned and after bus routes are established.  We anticipate this will be in early December. 

    Will parents be able to self-select the private provider location and teacher?

    Parents will not be able to self select the private provider location.  Students will be assigned to private provider locations based on their home address.  Additionally, bus routes will factor into location assignments.  If you are eligible for Head Start, your child will be assigned to the Head Start provider site. 

    Parents will not be able to self select the classroom teacher. 

    Who are the private providers and how were they selected?

    The private providers selected to partner with Cherry Hill Public Schools are: 

    Clockwise Learning Center 

    Discovery Corner Childcare 

    Mosaic Early Learning (Head Start)  - Oaklyn, NJ

    Family Matters Early Childcare Center - Voorhees, NJ 

    The District has hosted 2 private provider meetings to solicit partnerships with all Cherry Hill based private providers.  This included private, big box, independently owned, and religious based programs.  All were offered the opportunity to partner with the District. The NJDOE requires that anyone receiving Preschool Expansion Aid demonstrates due diligence in outreach for partnerships with community providers to ensure there will be enough preschool classrooms to serve the 3 and 4 year old population.  

    Are the private providers vetted? 

    Yes, each of the private providers is vetted and must be approved by the New Jersey Department of Education.  The private providers must follow the Cherry Hill Public Schools instructional day of 6 hours, curricular requirements, school calendar, adhere to district policies, eliminate all religious educational components, certification guidelines for certificated staff, etc… Compliance of the areas above will be closely monitored by school district officials.  

    Will the private providers offer before and aftercare? 

    The private providers do intend to provide before and aftercare.  Information will be forthcoming from each private provider. 

    Will the before and after school programs have certified staff working and will the programs follow a specific program?

    The before and afterschool programs will be staffed by the private providers.  Before and afterschool programs have staffing guidelines and program expectations. The providers will be able answer this question once assigned. 

    Will there be an information night?

    Yes, an information night for all parents selected to the program will be held in December.  

    Will I be able to tour the private provider location? 

    Yes, each private provider will host an open house prior to the January 2nd start date. 

    Is there any cost associated with registration or attendance for this school year? I know there was a $2000 cost for Malberg students selected in the lottery; will that be true for students starting in January as well?

    There will be no costs associated with registration or attendance moving forward for preschool.  With the awarding of the preschool expansion aid, all costs are covered for students.  Please know that there will be a cost for before and aftercare which is not covered under preschool expansion aid.

    Will transportation be provided? 

    Yes, transportation will be provided for students who meet the policy requirements. 

    All staff will be Cherry Hill Public School staff, even if located at a private provider?

    The staff employed by the provider will be provider employees.  The private providers need to follow Cherry Hill guidelines for staffing.

    Are any spaces available at Malberg, as we prefer this location?

    All spaces at the provider sites and Malberg have been assigned.  Some seats are held at Malberg for students with IEPs.  Parents will not be able to select the site for their child.  Additionally, parental requests will not be accepted. 

    If you decide to not attend this academic year, do you go back into the lottery for next school year ‘24-‘25)?


    Once enrolled, you are guaranteed a spot for the following year, would that be at the same provider?


    Will the students be mixed in classes with other students enrolled at the private providers?

    No, all students at the private provider sites must be Cherry Hill residents.  

    Will meals/lunch be offered by the district at outside providers?  If parents qualify for free, will it be free at the providers?

    Provider sites will provide meals/lunch. The meals/lunch will not be provided from Cherry Hill Public Schools. If a child qualifies for free or reduced lunch, it will apply at the provider site as well.

    If I my child is currently on the waitlist and I have not received notice of acceptance, when will I hear back?

    We do not currently have a timeline for students still on our waitlist. We will continue to notify families as seats open for the 23-24 school year. If your child is not called from the waitlist this school year, you will need to reapply for enrollment/waitlist placement for the 24-25 school year.