• The Estelle V. Malberg Early Childhood Program in Cherry Hill is a comprehensive preschool that services both typically developing and special needs children, ranging in ages from three to five years old. The program services over 350 children, 40% of whom are children with special needs. Our children with special needs are placed in the program through identification, evaluation, and eligibility procedures as outlined in the New Jersey Administrative Code. Typically developing children (children without special needs) are placed in the program through an application and lottery procedure that begin in February and end in March of each year.

    The teachers at the Estelle V. Malberg  Early Childhood Center are NJ State Certified. All of our classroom teachers hold both regular and special education certifications. The goal of our program is to provide our students with an exceptional early childhood learning experience. Our standards-based curriculum, along with remedial and compensatory training, is designed to help children reach their potential.

    Early Childhood Education classes at Estelle V. Malberg offer a variety of programs that are designed to meet the specific needs of each child. Our highly trained teaching staff involves the children in numerous activities that focus on developing the following areas: sensory integration, fine and gross motor skills, social skills, cognitive abilities as well as language skills. Teachers and specialists utilize a multi-sensory approach when teaching concepts and skills.

    Children receive additional interventions specific to their individual educational needs. These may include speech and language therapy, as well as physical and occupational therapies. These therapies are delivered by state certified personnel, who are housed full time at the Estelle V. Malberg Early Childhood Center include three speech/language therapists, one physical therapist, and one occupational therapist. Services are rendered in a variety of delivery models, including individual, small group, and integrated therapy sessions.

    The Estelle V. Malberg Early Childhood Center staffs a full-time Child Study Team. The CST includes a social worker, a learning disabilities consultant, and a psychologist. The teaching staff and specialists, along with the Child Study Team, work as a cohesive team, to best meet the needs of our children.