School Closing Information

  • The main reason for calling off any session of Kingston School will be a regard for pupil safety. The Cherry Hill Public Schools have three options for school closings in case of emergencies:

    Closing school all day

    Generally, when school is closed all day, after school activities are also cancelled.

    Delaying the opening of school by two hours

    The length of the delay will be broadcast just like a closing.. In case of a delayed opening, students will report to school at 11 AM. Kindergarten usually will be scheduled as an overlap.. Bus students will be picked up by the buses at the regular stops two hours later also. In cases of delayed openings, parents are advised to use their own discretion in keeping their child home from school or school events during inclement weather.

    Early dismissal

    Dismissal of students during the school day is very rare. This option would be chosen only if severe weather conditions occur once the students have arrived at school or for other emergencies such as loss of heat, water, etc. PM kindergarten MAY be cancelled, and in this case they will be called.

    In the event that the Superintendent chooses one of these options, the information will be broadcast on the following radio or TV stations:

    Our school closing number is 551. You can check :

    • the KYW web site
    • Cable channel 19
    • the Cherry Hill web site
    • watch TV channels 3,6, or 10
    • listen to KYW radio AM 1060
    • other radio and TV stations also have school closing information