Middle School Sports Philosophy

  • Cherry Hill Public Schools

    Middle School Athletic Program


    The athletic programs offered to the students by the Cherry Hill Board of Education or designed and implemented with the belief that student athletes should develop physically, socially, mentally and emotionally. Recognizing athletics as a vital part of the public education, the middle school athletic program exist to provide opportunity for all students to develop responsibility, self-reliance, self-esteem, and heightened cultural awareness, all within the expectation set forth in the Cherry Hill Public Schools “Life Skills Standards.” Thus, success of any athletic program is measured, not only by well-coached athletes performing optimally, but also by degree to which sportsmanship and leadership goals are nurtured and realized. The Board of Education takes pride in supporting an athletic program, which continuously reinforces the values of good sportsmanship, sound mental health, self-discipline, personal commitment, and team pride, enthusiasm, loyalty and school spirit.

    The vision and goals of the Board of Education require coaching of the highest quality, maintaining that the coach is primary role is that of a teacher. The middle school coach is knowledgeable of the sport, develops and inspires participants, treat ball with respect, and serves as a role model for his/her student athletes. Thus, the athletic program as a whole is to be conducted in accordance with the Board of Education values as outlined in the “Developing Character” standards.

    The Board of Education is committed to have a landing both an interscholastic an intramural athletic program, which is inclusive. Each sport offered should be open to all students who desire to participate. Every effort should be made to provide for all interested students, as defined within the guidelines of this administrative procedure.


    The Cherry Hill Middle School Athletic Program establishes the following goals:

    • 1.) To assist student athletes in learning and meeting expectations outlined in the Cherry Hill Life Skills Standards.
    • 2.) To guide student in the development of a sense of pride in self, team, school and community.
    • 3.) To help students develop positive attitudes that will carry over into the classroom and home.
    • 4.) To provide an opportunity to develop self-reliance skills, and to teach how the skills learned in athletics can be applied to lifelong experiences.
    • 5.) To develop in student athletes and awareness of and respect for the uniqueness and blending of human differences.
    • 6.) To provide students with an opportunity to participate in a variety of levels of physical activity and healthy competition.
    • 7.) To provide opportunity for students to develop leadership qualities.
    • 8.) To provide student athletes with the best possible instruction and guidance by hiring coaches that are knowledgeable, sensitive, and positive role models.
    • 9.) To foster wholesome relationships among participants, spectators, schools and communities within and outside of our district your cooperative and competitive athletic competition.

    Athletic Program:


    • Each middle school has facilities unique to the respective facility. This list of intramural activities is simply a menu of options to be offered throughout the school year. Each offering is dependent on the school's ability to accommodate the space and staffing demands of the program.

    Present Intramural Options

    • Flag Football - Spring
    • Basketball - Fall
    • Tennis - Fall
    • Volleyball - Fall
    • Winter Running Club - Winter

    Fall Interscholastic Sports

    • Girls’ Soccer
    • Boys’ Soccer
    • Cross Country
    • Field Hockey

    Winter Interscholastic Sports

    • Girls’ Basketball
    • Boys’ Basketball
    • Wrestling
    • Cheerleading
    • Bowling

    Spring Interscholastic Sports

    • Baseball
    • Softball
    • Track and Field