Dress Code

  • The CHW Dress Code

    Good judgment should dictate what appropriate attire is for a particular occasion. School attire should be neat, clean, and not extreme. Students’, whose attire, in the judgment of teachers and administrators, does not meet these criteria, will be referred to the grade level office for appropriate disciplinary action. We urge all students to dress neatly and in good taste when in the classroom and on other academic and school social occasions. All staff members are responsible to model appropriate attire for students.

    The following are not permitted:

    • Clothing with patches, jewelry, chains, etc., that contain vulgarity, reference to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, racist or any instigative language
    • Sun glasses or mirrored glasses in the building
    • Clothing which is:
      • excessively tight
      • revealing or immodest (plunging necklines)
      • for both males and females that includes transparent blouses and pants, bare midriffs or exposed stomachs, bare sides, exposing undergarments- panties, bras, boxers, etc.
      • miniskirts (must be below mid-thigh), o shorts (must be below mid-thigh)
      • tops with spaghetti straps
      • tank tops or sleeveless shirts no less than one inch wide
      • bicycle pants or spandexClothing with holes or exaggerated slits must fall below mid-thigh
    • Clothing that could cause damage to school property or injury to oneself or others, chains, spikes, weapon-like jewelry
    • Head covering or head gear of any kind (permission granted for religious purposes through parental note only)
    • Outer coats/jackets worn in classrooms or corridors during the school day. All outerwear worn to and from school are to be placed in the school locker assigned to the students upon arrival at school and not removed until ready for departure.

    If a student’s or staff member’s general attire or appearance represents a danger to his/her health or welfare, or attracts undue attention to the extent that it could become a disruptive factor, the Principal , or his designees, will ask the student or staff member to make the necessary changes. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action which may include being sent from the school until appropriate attire is worn.