Board of Education Goals

  • We shall provide all children with an education that develops open-minded thinkers with the strong academic and interpersonal skills to thrive in an ever-changing world and make it a better place for all.

    1. Continue to improve student achievement at all grade levels for all students and decrease achievement gaps where they exist.

    Within the 2019‐2020 academic year the following measurable actions will be addressed:  

    • Create and publish a set of best pedagogical practices
    • Analyze and present the student achievement data from the 2018-2019 academic year
      • To include
        • District based assessments
        • State assessments
        • Independent assessments
      • Present results by school, by level, and for the district to the Board and community
        • Highlight areas of measurable success
        • Identify achievement gaps based upon demographic groups
      • Create data driven and research based school action plans, that are specific, measurable, attainable, results oriented and time bound, that build on demonstrated success
      • Building based goals and action plans will be presented to the Board of Education at the December C&I meeting and results will be presented to the Board of Education at the June C&I meeting
    • Monitor the Blueprint for Student Success, with a focus upon
      • Full Day Kindergarten Implementation
      • The district’s World Language Program, grades K-12
        • With a specific focus on Middle School World Language
        • With a specific focus on year two implementation of Chinese
      • The completion of the Middle Level Committee’s work, including the development of a new master schedule
      • Analysis and revision of the high school level Course of Study Booklet
      • Analysis of the high school level’s use and application of final examinations
    • Monitor the implementation of the district’s instructional model, focusing on pedagogical practice and defining expected outcomes
      • Continuation of learning walkthroughs at each school
      • Implementation and restructuring of the administrative clusters at the middle level and high school level, continuation of the administrative clusters at the elementary level
    • Create opportunities at each school to nurture and to document Student Aspirations & Student Voice

    2. Create a costeffective budget that provides for educational resources as well as preventive maintenance and ongoing facilities improvement in all schools.

    Within the 2019-2020 academic year the following measureable actions will be addressed:  

    • Implement a district wide online payment system
    • Develop and begin implementation of a multiyear comprehensive maintenance plan for the district
    • Develop and begin implementation of a comprehensive school refurbishment plan for the district
    • Review current professional services contracts, develop and begin implementation of a schedule for Request for Proposals (RFP)
    • Complete transition to an online board meeting format for agendas

    3. Enhance communication and relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

    Within the 2019‐2020 academic year the following measureable actions will be addressed:

    • Measure the effectiveness of the dissemination of information through the use of analytics
    • Continue to provide opportunities for input and feedback from stakeholders, through multiple inlets
    • Continue to reexamine, expand, and refine the district’s electronic presence
      • Develop and begin implementation of plan to revise the structure and efficiency of the district and school webpages
      • Develop a strategic vision for the use of social media platforms
    • Promote shared ethical and performance values visibly and comprehensively for students and staff through the district’s Cultural Proficiency, Equity and Character Education work
      • Continue implementation of the 5 year plan, with regular updates to the Board of Education and the community
    • Create and disseminate a State of the District Publication to be presented to community in November 2019

    4. Create an actionable plan to develop a bond referendum to address building infrastructure, security, and health & safety needs

    Within the 2019‐2020 academic year the following measureable actions will be addressed:   

    • Review the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee that were presented to the Board of Education on May 28, 2019
      • Present implementation strategy and timeline
    • Compare and present new construction of schools to rehabilitation and renovation of schools
    • Present and make recommendations on the pros and cons of consolidating and redistricting schools
    • Create avenues for two way input for the bond
    • Determine the best month for a successful referendum vote and publicize why
    • Develop a district Alternative Funding Committee and a district Safety & Security Committee, including students, staff, and community members
      • Meetings will commence in Fall 2019 with reports made to the Board in February 2020 and June 2020
    • Develop and publish a revised short term and long term strategic vision focusing on teaching & learning and finance & facilities
    • Identify and publish capital projects to be included in the bond

    Board Approved: July 23, 2019