District Goals

  • Cherry Hill District Goals (2021- 2022)



    DISTRICT GOAL: Student Wellness – Create frameworks of learning and support for all students to develop the skills needed for social and emotional wellness.


    Objective/Strategy:  Provide inclusive and supportive learning environments that are responsive to students’ needs. Promote professional learning for staff that provides consistency of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) best practices, while promoting and fostering safe and secure learning environments.


    Major Activities




    Indicators Of Success

    1. Expand the work of the Student Wellness Committee to include representation from each school and promote social and emotional wellness and safety for all students. 

    Administrative Team

    Certificated and Non- Certificated Staff 

    Student Wellness Committee Care Solace

    21-22 Academic year 

    Subsequent annual goals to be developed. 

    Minutes from committee meeting.

    Parents and staff are using Care Solace based on referral data.

    Documentation of staff receiving SEL training and support.

    2. Promote shared ethical and performance values visibly and comprehensively through District cultural proficiency, equity, and character education work (C-PEaCE). 

    Administrative Team


    C-PEaCE long-range plan. Analyze data by population types. 

    Equity Survey through Hanover Research

    Anti-bias staff training. 

    Student Codes of Conduct.

    Restorative practice 

    Student voice.

    Multi-Year in nature

    5 year plan developed and presented to the Board.

    Revised Student Codes of Conduct.

    Action plan development following the Hanover Research Equity Survey.

    Anti-Bias training records.

    C-PEaCE reports to the Board of Education (at least 3 times before June 2022).

    3. Assess and support populations with Special Needs (IEP, 504, ELL) or State-identified vulnerable populations (homeless, low income, LGBTQIA+, home language(s), 

    Administrative Team

    Board of Education Members

    Special Education Parent Advisory Group


    Survey-Hanover Research

    Multi-Year in nature

    Administer Hanover Research survey, analyze the results, present the results to the Board of Education. 

    The Superintendent and Board Members will meet with at least 20 families of students with identified special needs or state-identified special populations. 

    4. Analyze school start and end times.  Discussions with students, staff, parents and community.  By the end of the academic year, present administrative recommendations to the full Board.

    Administrative Team,  

    Board of Education Members

    American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations

    Extracurricular schedules 

    Bus contracts

    Hanover Research

    Building based committees will meet throughout the fall with report out to the Board at regular intervals through January 2022.

    Possible multi-year goal.

    Progress reports and updates  made to the Board of Education.

    Draft report and recommendations made to the Board of Education. 

    Cherry Hill District Goals (2021- 2022)



    DISTRICT GOAL: Purpose & Passion – Develop highly engaging learner-centered experiences within an environment that promotes voice, choice, and passion for learning.

    Objective/Strategy: Improve student achievement utilizing multiple formative assessment data to drive a focus on differentiated instruction to close any identified achievement gaps, establish staff professional development and accountability.  Cultivate a culture that embraces diverse staffing and attracts, develops, and retains excellent quality diverse staff with a focus on relevant professional development through mindfulness and cultural responsiveness and 21st century teaching strategies.  Further develop equitable practices in curricular and extra-curricular offerings, technology and non-technology resources, and college/career/special education opportunities.


    Major Activities




    Indicators of Success

    1. Student achievement is the top Board priority. Formative and summative assessments, locally administered and state assessments, will be used to define achievement.  

    As part of the Blue Print for Student Success, review and analyze the curriculum based on student achievement through the curriculum management and revision cycle. 

    Admin in setting the systems and reporting, Board as partner for review and oversight of progress.

    Student Achievement Data 

    Monitor and analyze effectiveness of recent curricular changes on the academic outcomes. including (ie Eureka math)

    Professional development 

    Supplemental Tutoring. 

    Title Funding

    This will be a multi-year goal with regular updates presented through the C&I Committee

    Develop plans by 1/22 for school year 21-22

    Develop plans for summer 2022 by 5/22

    Develop plans for 22-23 by 8/1/22

    Presentation to the Board by the District Coordinator of Research and Assessment on the Start Strong data to show baseline performance.

    Measured growth demonstrated in student performance on identified indicators of academic success.

    NJSLA testing (this is tentative as there has not been usable data for 2 years).

    Eureka math outcomes.

    Consideration in ‘22-’23 and ‘23-’24 of the growth from the baseline data established in ‘21-’22.

    2. Equity/Diversity/Hiring-Recruiting/Staff Training.  Analyze hiring practices and outcomes in diversifying certificated staff.  

    Administrative Team

    Building Based Administrators

    Update JDs and postings to reflect DEI values.  

    Identify and implement non-traditional pathway strategies.

    Standard Operating Procedures for Hiring

    Multi-year, what’s reasonable for this coming year?

    Review of job descriptions to reflect district values of  diversity,equity, and inclusion. 

    Share hiring data with the Board of Education/Community in the fall for the ‘21-’22 year and in the spring discuss plans for the ‘22-’23 year.

    Increased diverse staffing (2023) that more closely represents the student body (define metrics).

    3.  Develop an actionable facilities improvement plan 

    Develop and publish a time frame for a bond vote.

    Communicate information from the facilities analysis of the current physical structures within the District to determine the scope.

    Identify projects to be included in the bond referendum.

    Provide for two way communication  between the Board of Education and stakeholder groups including students, staff and community members.

    Administrative Team

    Board of Education

    Garrison Architects

    Board meetings, Community meetings, School meetings, Town halls.

    Presentations to community groups.

    Presentation to Town Council.

    Development of website materials

    Project applications to be ready to be submitted to the State by late winter 2022 for a September 2022 bond referendum.

    Submission of project applications to the New Jersey Department of Education by January 2022.

    Securing a response from the NJDOE in a timely manner for a fall 2022 referendum.

    Coordination and publication of project plans utilizing both capital reserves and operating budget.

    Documentation of process from seeking grants for facilities improvements.

    4. Staff Development will be personalized, intensive, and on-going to support the professional learning needs of staff. 

    Administrative Team

    Building Based Administrators 

    Curriculum and Pupil Services Supervisors 

    ScIP Teams


    Professional development


    Dedicated time

    This is a multi-year goal. 

    In February 2022, report out on two-year progress with robust school examples and overall District progress within 3 strategic vision goals. Report on the professional development program in the district from July 2021 - January 2022.

    In May 2022, report out on plans for professional development for summer 2022 and the ‘22-’23 year.

    SMART goal documentation from building goals.


    Cherry Hill District Goals (2021- 2022)



    DISTRICT GOAL: Connecting Beyond Our Classrooms – Provide resources, opportunities, and experiences for our students to connect to the world beyond their classrooms and to become informed and empathetic agents of change in the world.

    Objective/Strategy:  Develop opportunities that bridge the inside and outside of the classroom, so students are best prepared for continued success both during their time within the Cherry Hill School District and afterwards (universities, technical schools, military, and/or job market).  Utilize local and global events to improve student understanding and acceptance of all aspects of social justice and injustice through curriculum infusion, establishing systemic school district/in-building processes, and providing professional development designed to develop staff capacity to engage students in meaningful conversations, developing empathy, and self-reflection.


    Major Activities




    Indicators of Success

    1. Boundary Adjustment (Redistricting) Committee

    Analyze existing data and create a plan for middle school and elementary school levels. 

    Administrative Team

    Board of Education




    Mapping, Transportation, School Community Engagement, Dr. Gripp study

    By November 2021, sunset Rosa selection process, to be effective for 2023-24 school year.  

    By the end of 2022 have a full plan for Board adoption for boundary readjustment Elementary Schools and Middle Schools.

    Update presentations to the Board of Education on the work of the Boundary Adjustment Committee. 

    Plan for Reconfiguration presented to Board for approval.

    2.Student Pathways at the high school level. 

    Support diverse learners through increased educational opportunities for STEAM, Career & Technical Education (CTE)

    Administrative Team 

    Building Based Administrators

    District Directors and Supervisors

    Nonprofit agencies, Trades, Life Skills, Job Training Programs.

    21st Century Learning Standards

    Next Gen Science Best Practices.

    NJDOE Office of Career Readiness 

    This is a multi year goal:

    Year 1 - recommendations for course revisions/additions.

    Year 2 - course development.

    Year 3 - course implementation.

    Presentation to the Board of Education of a comprehensive analysis of current STEAM & CTE opportunities at the secondary level by May 2022. 

    Recommendations for pathways in STEAM and CTE for ‘22-’23 and ‘23-’24.

    3.  World Class Experiences.  Analyze school/District level student service activity and student voice opportunities to create standards across educational levels.  

    Examine grant opportunities, internships, mentorship, and skill development.  

    Develop opportunities for students to interact beyond the district.  

    Create a set of best practices.  

    Develop mindset of student local and global citizenship through modernized curriculum and expanded community partnerships

    Administrative Team 

    Board of Education 

    Compile school/District level student service activity opportunities. 

    Dual credit and certification potentials.

    This is a multi year goal:

    Year 1 - analysis of student service activities and student voice opportunities.

    Year 2 - development of opportunities for students beyond the district.

    Year 3 - expansion of student opportunities and increase in documented hours. 

    Development of standards across the elementary school, middle school, and high school levels. 

    Report to the Board of Education in Spring 2022 of progress of the work - including hurdles, opportunities, and development. 

    4. Analyze district budget allocation of funds to make  recommendations for future budget cycles.  

    Align use of capital reserve funding with bond referendum planning and building needs.

    Work with grant writer to seek funding, review impact of first year of contracted service.

    Administrative Team

    Business, Facilities, and Operations Team

    Board of Education  

    Garrison Architects

    Bruno Associates

    Budget development cycle for the 2022-2023 Budget - completed with the successful adoption of the budget. 

    Develop recommendations through the Business & Facilities Committee to present to the full board.