• "There was no major discipline received by any member of the Cherry Hill Campus Police for the 2021 calendar year."


    Our focus is to work together with administrators, teachers, school personnel and parents to provide our students with a safe, nurturing, learning environment.

    All Cherry Hill Schools are secured by entrance monitoring systems throughout the school day. Only those with legitimate business in the schools are admitted. All visitors are required to report to the Office in each school upon entry to sign in.

    We work diligently with the Cherry Hill Police Department and Emergency Management Office to plan for emergencies, including evacuation plans and lock-down procedures. Our Director of Security assists principals in developing scenarios for monthly drills and provides support on security issues. In addition, we are very fortunate that the Cherry Hill Police Department perform random patrols in the areas surrounding all of our schools.

    You can help maintain the security of our schools:

    • Remain diligent in your observations while in and around our school buildings
    • Don’t hold doors open for people you don’t know
    • Appreciate and comply with requests from office staff to show proper identification
    • Understand when we must limit participation at some school day events for purposes of security
    • Use established drop-off and pick-up points each day

    Please view the 2019-2020 report below: