Job Applications

*Please Note: In order to be considered for a position, you must possess NJ Certification. If you are currently not NJ Certified, please refer to the NJ Department of Education website, which details how to obtain necessary certification.

Internal Applicants Only

*Internal candidates may only apply for a vacant contract position during the transfer period with effective date of the following school year. CONTRACTED employees are not eligible for Long Term Substitute Assignments.

NJ Network to Close the Achievement Gaps (NJNCAG)

The Cherry Hill Public School District is a member of the New Jersey Network to Close the Achievement Gaps (NJNCAG). We are committed to the goals of this organization and to the recruitment and employment of staff who will support the goals of this affiliation. For further information, please go to NJNCAG website.


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Salary Guides

2016-17 Teachers' Salary Guide
2017-18 Teachers' Salary Guide