• Our office hours are 7:00 am - 4:30 pm daily

    Each day Cherry Hill Public Schools transports more than 8,000 of our community's school children.
    The safety and security of our riders is our number one priority!

    You can assist us by kindly remembering the following:

    • Be prompt. Your child should be at their assigned bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. Once a school bus is moving, the driver is not permitted to stop for the boarding of any child in-between bus stops or after departing from the school.

      Additional information to share with your child:
      • Go directly to your assigned bus stop.
      • Dress for the weather. Wear clothing that is safe, visible, and weather appropriate.
      • Carry your belongings in a backpack or book bag.
      • Do not cross major roadways.
      • Show respect and care for all individuals on the bus as well as the property of others.
      • Stay on the sidewalk when available.

    • Be patient. Please allow for some fluctuation in pickup and drop-off times, particularly during the first two weeks of school. Throughout the school year, daily pick-up and drop-off times may fluctuate due to weather, traffic, construction, etc.

    • Be prepared for changes. Following the initial adjustment period (until approximately the third week of school) updates to your child’s route may be necessary due to some of the following circumstances: student additions or withdrawals, address changes, major construction, etc.  Route changes will be communicated to those affected. Please keep in mind, updates may happen throughout the school year and will be communicated accordingly.

    • Change of address. If you are moving to a new home within the district, you must contact the Cherry Hill Public Schools Central Registration Department at 856-429-5600 ext. 4429 to schedule an appointment. The Cherry Hill Public Schools Transportation Department cannot change your address.

    Transportation Hotline: (856) 761-1092

    Is the bus on its way? Should you drive your children to school? After the first two weeks of school, your pickup and drop-off times should be predictable. When informed of issues in advance, the Transportation Staff will post messages regarding traffic delays or other unusual circumstances that could affect multiple routes. On this Hotline you may get quick updates regarding transportation.

    Automated Messages

    When notified in advance, the Transportation Department will send an automated message for individual route delays of 20 minutes or more. As a friendly reminder, please be sure your contact information is up to date for best service.

    Lost Items (jackets, lunch boxes, cell phones, backpacks, water bottles, etc.):

    Every day, thousands of students ride to and from our schools. If just one student from each bus forgets something each day, there will be hundreds of items piled into lost and found boxes. And that would just be the first week of school!

    The Transportation Department's procedure is to have your student's driver hold on to anything found on the bus for 3 days before turning it over to the bus contractors’ office.

    If your student has left something on the school bus, please have them check with the driver the next time they board the bus. Radio communications with the drivers are limited to student transportation matters, i.e.; transfers, lost students, or emergency communications. Note: a missing cell phone doesn't fall under emergency communications and we are prohibited from giving out a driver's personal phone number.

    Bus Stop Changes:

    Requests are answered in the order they are received after the second full week of school in September. Any major changes or rerouting by the Transportation Department will be communicated to those affected. 

    • Bus stop sites are selected as central locations for multiple households. As much as possible, neutral street corner sites are utilized. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to get their student to the stop at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled bus arrival. For drop off, an approved adult must be present to meet kindergarten, preschool and students with special needs.
    • Cherry Hill Public Schools uses a tiered route system. This means that a route begins with either high school or middle school students. After they are dropped off at their school, elementary students are then picked up and transported to the elementary schools. Counting the am and pm routes as two separate routes, our buses cover approximately 665 routes, all of which are developed by the transportation office.
    • We do allow for a change in a current bus stop for a Compelling Safety Reason. Bus stops that are in neighborhoods with posted speed limits of 35 mph or under and have a clear line of sight for the approaching bus are seldom changed.
    • We do not change a stop due to view obstruction from the home or potential weather conditions.
    • All request for changing a stop due to safety concerns will be inspected before a decision is made.

    Late Bus Information:

    • First Student - Berlin (856) 753-0222
      • EAST High School Routes: ELR-1, ELR-2, ELR-3, ELR-4, ELR-5, ELR-6
    • Hillman's Bus Service (856) 753-1123
      • BECK Middle School Routes: BLR-1, BLR-2, BLR-3
      • CARUSI Middle School Routes: CLR-1, CLR-2, CLR-3
      • ROSA Middle School Routes: RLR-1, RLR-2, RLR-3, RLR-4, RLR-5, RLR-6, RLR-7
      • WEST High School Routes: WLR-1, WLR-2, WLR-3

    On behalf of the Cherry Hill Public Schools Transportation Team, We Thank You for your continued support and patience!

  • District Transportation Office
    Malberg Administration Building
    45 Ranoldo Terrace
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-0391
    Phone: (856) 489-5851
    Fax: (856) 489-5774
    Hotline: (856) 761-1092

    Lynn E. Shugars
    Assistant Superintendent/Business

    Linda King
    Transportation Supervisor

    Chris Carter
    Transportation Coordinator

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    Transportation Coordinator

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    Transportation Coordinator