Allergies at Barclay

  • Barclay Early Childhood Center is an Allergy Aware Environment. Although many students and staff have seasonal allergies, some have severe life-threatening reactions to food and environmental allergens. This means that we take precautions to limit the risk of exposing students and staff to trigger allergens. Of particular concern are peanuts, latex and perfumes.

    • No peanuts, tree nuts or products containing peanuts or tree nuts may be sent into school for snacks, treats or lunches. If children are having peanut butter before school, please have them carefully wash their hands before arriving at Barclay.
    • No latex balloons are to be sent into the school. Mylar is okay.
    • We ask that you avoid the use of perfumes prior to visiting the school as they trigger asthma and complications related to reactive airway disease.