•      Welcome to the New Jersey 781st Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJ-781st AFJROTC) program!  You have accepted a challenge unlike any other offered in high school.  As a member of the NJ-781st, we expect you to exceed the standards of the average high school student.  You must learn to follow before you can lead.  Stay with us and you will acquire the knowledge and courage to lead.  AFJROTC incurs no military obligation.  This is a citizenship and leadership program.  

          Your Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) is Air Force Colonel retired Mario Tommasi who is in his third year of teaching at West after 23 years of military service.  Colonel Tommasi has extensive military experience and are AFJROTC and NJ-certified instructors.

          The AFJROTC curriculum comprises aerospace science, leadership, and wellness training.  Cadets who progress in rank to noncommissioned officers (NCOs) and officers learn various leadership and management skills by organizing, coordinating, and directing activities associated with our cadet corps.

          The Cadet Guide is for you, the cadet.  We recommend you study it thoroughly and continually reference the material.  The information provided supports the mission, goals and objectives of this program.  It will help provide a solid foundation toward a great educational experience unlike any other high school experience.

          The Aerospace Science (AS) portion of the curriculum introduces cadets to the principles of flight and navigation, aviation history, development of air power, contemporary aviation, human requirements of flight, cultural and global awareness, the space environment, space programs, space technology, the aerospace industry and survival.

          The Leadership Education (LE) portion emphasizes discipline, responsibility, leadership, followership, citizenship, customs and courtesies, cadet corps activities, study habits, time management, communication skills, career opportunities, life skills, financial literacy, management skills, and drill. 

          Finally, the Wellness Program is an official and integral part of the AFJROTC program.  The objective of the wellness program is to motivate cadets to lead healthy, active lifestyles beyond program requirements and into their adult lives.  Cadets are afforded the opportunity to put into practice the wellness concepts that are taught in Leadership 100.  Wellness includes physical activity, sports and team-building activities.

          We wish you success and personal satisfaction as a member of the AFJROTC program.  Congratulations on having the courage to give AFJROTC your best effort.

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