Leadership Test Schedule

  • Leadership tests, like lessons, apply to ALL students, including AS 4-level cadets in the highest leadership positions who run the cadet corps...the "Top 5".

    You're expected to take the test on the first day you arrive to class with a flight. In other words, if you're assigned to more than one flight you aren't permitted to wait until later in the day or week to take the test with the other flight you're assigned to. This policy precludes giving an unfair advantage to those cadets assigned to other flights.

    If you're absent on test day, expect to take the test the very first day you're back in class...no excuses for being unaware of a test that's typically advertised more than a week in advance and in several places. There will be rare exceptions to this policy as determined by the SASI.

    Leadership Skills & Career Opportunities, Chapter 3, Lesson 1 Exam (Researching Careers) is scheduled for Wednesday, 28 Nov (A Flight) and Thursday, 20 Nov (B, C, D and E Flight). Cadets in multiple flights are expected take the test on the first test day you arrive for AFJROTC class. Study the lesson, your slides, accompanying notes, and any handouts provided in class. I hope you took good notes as the slides don't contain everything you need to know for the test. Good luck and don't hesitate to ask any questions that you may have!