Uniform Wear Policy

  • Proper uniform wear and grooming is required of all cadets.Cadets are required to wear the uniform one day per week throughout the school year beginning in October. Cadets unable or unwilling to wear the uniform and meet the grooming standard will be removed from the program.Uniform and grooming standards are in accordance with Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel.This is HQ AFJROTC policy and not negotiable for cadets or instructors. In general terms, this means a neat, clean-cut haircut and no facial hair (with the exception of a trimmed mustache) for male cadets while in uniform. For female cadets, this means their hair must be styled in such a way that the hair remains above the shirt collar while in uniform. Reference AFI 36-2903 at the bottom of this page for more details regarding uniform and grooming standards for cadets. 

    The Four Elements of Uniform Wear: Neatness, Cleanliness, Safety, and Military Image

    Remember to take the uniform to the cleaners every 2-3 uniform wears and plan accordingly! Don't take the uniform to the cleaners 1-2 days prior to uniform day and expect to have the uniform back in time, especially if your parents are/get busy. Plan and prepare in advance of uniform day. A good rule of thumb is to check all uniform items and have uniform ready to wear at least two days prior to inspection day.

    Normal Schedule: Uniform wear is every Wednesday or Thursday (for those flights that convene on Thursday only of that week) unless advertised otherwise. There are no opportunities for making up uniform wear UNLESS you had a valid/excused absence from school that day (e.g. sick, doctor's appointment, driver's test, early dismissal). The school must have the absence recorded as a valid/excused absence. Cadets with an excused absence must make up the uniform wear on the first day back in school following absence. Any cadet who missed uniform wear, didn't have a valid absence from school, or failed to make up the uniform wear following a valid absence will receive a zero (0). If you have a special event such as a field trip on Wednesday (or Thursday if your uniform day is Thursday), you may (and should) request to wear the uniform on the Tuesday prior. Remember that Class "A" is the service coat and tie/tie tab; Class "B" is the blue shirt with the tie/tie tab; Class "C" is the blue shirt without the tie/tie tab. You may always go up in uniform wear (for example: "C" to "B" or "A") but not down. The windbreaker may be worn with either Class "C" or "B". Class "D" is the Air Battle Uniform (ABU) that only Cadet Leadership Course grauates get to wear (typically once a month). Class "E" is the standard issue Air Force T-shirt or sweatshirt with dark pants and dark shoes. The Air Force T-shirt must be tucked in. Examples of dark-color pants and shoes are dark blue, black, and charcoal grey. Jeans are not permitted and no logos on the pants. Sneakers are OK if all black or dark blue.

    Wear a plain, white crewneck or V-neck T-shirt underneath the blue uniform shirt. Any other type of T-shirt will result in a points deduction toward the weekly uniform/grooming inspection.

    If you're unsure of what uniform to wear due to absence, not reviewing the website, not listening in class or to the weekly operations order, wear the Class A! It's better to dress up to the highest class of uniform wear and still receive credit as opposed to not wearing the uniform at all.

    Uniform wear is 25% of your grade (equivalent of a test grade) and is a significant part of your class participation grade. A zero on a uniform inspection (failing to wear the uniform or not wearing the uniform all day as directed) results in a zero for uniform wear and a maximum of 75% on your class participation grade for the week, so lack of uniform wear or failure to wear uniform all day results in an automatic 25-point deduction from your class participation grade for that week.

    Lack of uniform wear, uniform care, or proper grooming are grounds for dismissal from AFJROTC. Remember that it's a privilege to wear the uniform and be an AFJROTC cadet!

    NOTE: If you are absent from school or school is closed for inclement weather, you wear the uniform the next day you're back at school.  Ensure your flight commander, flight sergeant or the SASI/ASI inspect and record your grade.  Snow days and holidays do not necessarily change our normally scheduled Wednesday and Thursday uniform days.