Wellness and Physical Fitness

  • Physical fitness should always be one of the top priorities in your life. Physical activity enriches one's life. It's a medical fact that physical activity improves how you feel physically and emotionally.

    Wellness comprises 20% of the AFJROTC curriculum. This is mandated by HQ AFJROTC. Physical training (PT) day is every Monday or Tuesday (for flights that did not convene on Monday) unless otherwise scheduled by the SASI/ASI. Exceptions will be advertised in advance to accommodate scheduling changes as necessary to the curriculum. The goal is for all flights to have one PT class day most weeks of the school year.  If your flight convenes on a PT class day, arrive in issued PT gear or have your PT gear with you as you will need to change into your PT gear for the class period. PT gear consists of either the AF top/shirt AND/OR AF sweats or shorts. You may also substitute the unit AFJROTC shirt for the PT shirt. Wellness academics or staff work/assistance will take place for those cadets who are physically unable to participate or were not given consent to participate in PT. Cadets and their parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for keeping the SASI/ASI informed of a change in status as stated on the required Wellness/PT Consent Form. For instance, a recent injury or medical condition that precludes a cadet from participating in sports or PE must inform the SASI/ASI of such. The cadet would therefore be exempt from PT until cleared by a doctor or parent/guardian. Lack of PT participation or not wearing the required attire to include athletic shoes without a valid excuse will adversely affect your class participation grade.

    If you're assigned to more than one flight, like tests or academic class sessions, you're required to participate in PT during the first flight that convenes that day. For the second flight that convenes, you may participate in PT again or perform staff duty or assist staff cadets as needed.  Exceptions must be approved by the SASI/ASI. 

    Finally, no cadet unable or unwilling to physically train will be permitted to attend the Cadet Leadership Course (CLC) in June where physical fitness is a top priority and the best way to prepare for the course. Ask CLC graduates about the volume of physical activity that occurs during the course.